Top 10 Craziest Anime Plot Twists


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  1. puttster3 on

    I was surprised to not see the plot twists from The Seven Deadly Sins involving Gil Thunder, I mean, it may not of been the best (though better then some listed plot twists IMO), but it felt soooo satisfying.

  2. Kody Tiffany on

    For #1 I would of taken a step back and call the series the craziest plot twist… Alien Gods read my imagination and twist reality to fit it??? WTF were they thinking with that premiss… Hey that bully kid that just watched as the others did stuff… you know the one; yeah he is the main villian so lets get naked and sound psychotic… works every time??? Oh that girl the officer has been texting since the begining… yep shes already dead so hes just been texting himself and replying w/o realizing it the whole time…?
    I love this series because of these plot twists that were not predictable nor were they properly forshadowed; yet they were interesting as hell, and acted as comentary on how crazy one would need to be in "Super hero" universes to just accept stuff and move on.

  3. Carl Freericks on

    There are a couples of things that ruined darling in the franxx 1.Mitsuru and kokoro 2. Adding aliens in episode 14 3. Making ichigo x goro canon she has been cruel to him this entire time and after one kiss she gives up on hero and decides to date him? Ichigo is a THOT

  4. Nemanja Stikic on

    This list should be top 10 popular anime for click bait. In more that half i see bullshit and no plot twist. Aizen plot twist in soul society arc is GOD lvl plot twist for almost all shit on this list.

  5. Chaos Is A Ladder on

    the naruto one is just a shitty plot armor that wasnt foreshadowed or mention ever before in the series. why is it naruto and sasuke and not kakashi and itachi they are way more talented. why no one ever before except madara and hashirama but why them because they are friends?

  6. Astraia LunatiX on

    All anime has skme crazy plot twist which is crazy and thats how we want to watch the anime more so if there are some anime refereces and plot twist its cool

    You thought it some another sentece about plot twist
    But it was me,Dio!

  7. Hans Ramadhan on

    the most epic one as personal opinion for me was reiner and bertholdt being the colossal and armor titan all along if it not for the spoilers in all the goddamn comment section. also where's ayanokouji toolzoned horikita?

  8. Dr lazy Dolphin on

    I got this new anime plot. Basically theres this high school girl except shes got huge boobs. I mean some serious hunkers a real set of badonkers. Some dobonhonkeros. Massive dohoonkabhankoloos big old tonhongerekoogers

    What happens next?!

    Transfer student shows up one day with even bigger bonkhonagahoogs. Humungous hungolomghnonoloughongous.


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