Top 10 Couples in DC Comics


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  1. Jevon Jackson on

    I feel disrespected what wonder woman not good enough for superman.
    She can survive sex with superman. Lois lane can not. Their children would be amazing and badass just saying.

  2. Osian Coleman on

    I’d say it’s
    10.batman and Catwoman
    9.wonder woman and Steve Trevor
    8.Aquaman and Mera
    7.Hal Jordan and coral ferris
    6.Elongated man and sue dibny
    5.Wally west and Linda park
    4.Nightwing and Barbara Gordan
    3.Mister miracle and big barda
    2.Black canary and green arrow
    1.Lois and Clark

  3. Cat and Kitty on

    Actually, only 2 women have been able to be in a real relationship with Batman: Catwoman and Talia al Ghul. Though Batman does love Catwoman now, we have to remember that Talia and Bruce had a serious relationship that resulted in a son!


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