Top 10 Country Rivalries


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    India vs Pakistan
    India vs china
    India vs Kashmir
    India vs khalistan
    India vs south India
    India vs meghalya

    But in reality india is no 1 racist country in the world ,
    The conflicts that I mentioned above of India with others country , are the results of hate and racism

  2. Asad Dick on

    Serbia vs Everyone basically..
    Serbia vs Bosnia
    Serbia vs Croatia
    Serbia vs Bulgaria
    Serbia vs Albania
    Serbia vs Kosovo
    Serbia vs Macedonia
    Serbia vs Slovenia
    Serbia vs USA
    Serbia vs Austria
    Serbia vs Hungary
    Serbia vs Turkey
    Serbia vs France
    Serbia vs Germany
    And on and on we go..

  3. dante odinson on

    The israeli people used to be everywhere earlier…now they are mostly confined to israel….if they don't learn their lesson very soon they will become the slaves that they were meant to be….

  4. Alexander Kolev on

    Greece vs Turkey, seriously – what about the other Balkan nations. Do your research or hire local people to do it. Ever heard of the Balkan wars – it's basically Bulgaria vs Every Balkan country + Turkey

  5. thanassis 22 on

    Also these things make the relations between greece and turkey worse :
    •Greek genocide done by turks (750,000-800,000 greeks killed)
    •Grecoturkish war (greeks burning turkish towns , turks burning greek)
    •Aegean sea , its a place important in history for both nations
    •Invasion of Cyprus . Greeks started killing innocent turks in cyprus , so turkey invaded the island and killed a lot of greeks
    •Vandalization and terrorism from turkey to the greek miniorty and greek state . In 1955 turkey started pogroms in Istanbul destroying the greek miniorty/churches/schools/houses etc , forcing people to immigrate . Turkey nowdays raids the greek airspace and sea borders


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