Top 10 Coolest Ancient Warrior Weapons


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  1. DC4 on

    One devastating yet understated weapon: the Turk Kilij sword. The weighted crescent shaped blade allow you to maximize the cutting power of both your arms and gravity. Not as accurate or precise as a Katana but it’s definitely more powerful, it’ll cut bones in half with relatively little effort and even if you’re wearing armor, it’s gonna leave one hell of a bruise or break some ribs

  2. rocky 362 on

    You people are so ignorant. You'll have taken weapons which have appeard in main stream media only and haven't even researched. Bhramastra should have been #1 as per research which was in ancient hindu text of mahabharata the greatest war in history of mankind and atom bomb was inspired from Bhramastra as robert oppenheimer the creator of atom bomb stated a line from vedas , a quote by lord vishnu.

  3. Lord Miskosisko on

    You fucking weebs, the longswords will always be superior to those get Japanese rods you weabu kids call "swords". When an angry mob of holy warriors barge through wour doors and purge you with fire, know it was your own doing.

  4. BloodDragonKing on

    Not a single mention of the Urumi? You know that Indian sword which has about two dozen blades attached to it with a variation which has 32 and is ment to be dual wielded meaning you will have 64 blades and you actually are able to right with. Like wtf.

  5. The Different Child on

    Fire arrows was barely used because the air would put the fire out once it was lunched. The ninja also barely used swords because they were poor farmers away from civilization. The weapon used by ninja was the kama or the kusarigama. The katana is very overrated theres many types of western swords that would give a katan a run for its money. Please WatchMojo please do more research for these videos and no Wikipedia doesn't count as research.

  6. midnightmosesuk on

    A genuine katana, and when I say genuine I don't mean the shopping mall katana, is a thing of beauty. Each one is a work of art but, given the choice, I'd rather be swinging a European broadsword if my life depended on it than a katana.

    p.s. The tassle on the front of a Chinese spear was to help prevent blood running down the shaft and making it slippery. That's what I've been led to believe anyway, if I'm wrong let me know.


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