Top 10 Commercials That Are Iconic to ‘90s Kids


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  1. Oliver Moore on

    Commercials back then where so made with love and really captured the eyes and heart of children but now every other commercial is selling some kind of technology stores used to be full in December but now you won't have to worry because you can buy toys from home now. And I'm only 23 and I'm talking like this

  2. carl mahome on

    "Gotta have my POPS!"
    "Go for it… CONNECT FOUR!"
    "Purple stuff… Alright! SUNNY D!"
    "Silly rabbit, TRIX are for kids!"
    "Uh oh, SPAGHETTI-Os!"
    "Lick the pop, dip it, and shake it…. And lick it again! BABY BOTTLE POP, BAAABY BOTTLE POP!"
    "Love me BAAABY! Fool bit off a piece of my fro… AAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!"
    "Capri sun kids turn into liquid like the girl from the Secret World of Alex Mack"


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