Top 10 Comic-Con 2018 Trailers


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  1. da wae on

    Tbh guys be serious!
    What trailer looked better?

    A minute long trailer with nothing interesting. (Clone Wars)
    A trailer that has 2 minutes with a great soundtrack, memorable characters ( The Titans like Godzilla) and loads of epic action, (King of the Monsters)

    This isn't a list of what you're more hyped for.
    Its a list about which trailer was the best.

  2. Nigel Trotter on

    The Godzilla trailer for my #1. oh my lord I am so psyched for that. 2:34-Heck yes!!! Whatever gets me to see more Aqualad. 3:22-I love that the movie looks like it's be true to the cominbook. Adult boy turns into a super powered man-child. I seriously like this. I want to see this one bad.

  3. Nigel Trotter on

    4:39-Oh my Lord in heaven if anything is close to my anticipation of Godzilla, it's Aquaman. The character is cool enough for me. The Kingdom of Atlantis. the story of them and the amazons. the everyday marriage activities of Arthur and Mera. 5:08-Right Black Manta looks waaaay better than even on paper.

  4. Nigel Trotter on

    5:18-First name Mistah…Last name….Glass. So cool!!! 6:07-Hello Master. 6:12-Whatever gets me to see more Greivous. 7:05-Oh yeah, the return of The Dragon Lady. 7:24-Thank you, oh my goodness nothing quite matches my excitement for this movie. Let me tell you something Ghidora ain't got the juice to beat Godzilla. I can see that right now.

  5. Dare Gordon on

    When Disney bought LucasFilm, they cancelled Clone Wars,
    That left us (huge fans) on a HUGE cliffhanger, where Asoka was accused of crime
    and no one believed her. Not even Anakin. BUT,
    HERE WE ARE! I am So hyped for this announcement!


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