Top 10 Comic Book Decisions That Backfired


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  1. Terry S. on

    Some of these "backfired" ideas are perfectly fine. It's the pathetic response and the idea that anyone would be so weak a human being as to feel they were wrong that is the problem. Maybe stop expecting the world to be sunshine and rainbows and grow a spine instead of crying over a decision in a comic book?

    Oh by the way, the Hydra Campaign would've been awesome. I mean for real.

  2. Spencer Welch on

    Emerald Twilight was a good story, the story of a 'soldier' who asks for one thing and is told no – even after years of dedicated service and the resulting story line was well done (the whole Parallax B.S. excuse was just that B.S. brought about because old fogies can't except change – if even only temporary), I had ZERO problem with the New52 'cause all I read were the Batbooks (and Harley) and they were good (although 'Fauxbo' just SUCKED ARSE), and the whole HydraCap was good but then again old fogies couldn't accept even a temporary change.

    But I do agree with #1 as the whole Aunt May v. M.J. thing reeks of Oedipalism.

  3. Rico Suave on

    One More Day was indeed a terrible story but NOTHING is worse than Hydra Cap. American G.I.'s fought actual Nazis with Captain America comics in their packs. I don't care how they gimmicked it or even if the writing was good; the only thing more offensive I could thi9nk of than Nazi Cap was a child molesting Superman.

  4. neums on

    Peter wasn't the one who agreed to the deal with Mephisto. It was Mary Jane. MJ figured that, no matter what Mephisto would do, they were soulmates and would eventually reunite with each other.

  5. Kevin Allen on

    "Secret Empire was good"

    Oh? Which part? When the Punisher joined the Nazis? When Spencer swore there would be no reset button norwould he use the cosmic cube to undo everything…then did? Or how it ended with a black man kneeling before a Nazis waiting for white people to save him after Spencer claimed Falcon would be the hero to save everyone?

  6. Fritz Kato on

    How marvel keeps turning characters black instead of giving black people our own new characters…… didnt want want black iron man considering I got war machine. Miles is ok cuz there are multiple spider men. But stop trying to hoe out races for more money.

  7. Andrew leGiant on

    I mean, Heroes Reborn has to be part of the mix, right? A big hoopla for returning Image artists taking on some of Marvel's 'core' characters, for a reboot in a separate timeline, only for it all to be undone a year later, with a 'deboot' back into normal continuity.

    Then again, maybe it didn't backfire, because it did allow for a 'soft reboot' of Iron Man and The Avengers, which desperately needed some refreshing after being 90's Extreme-ified prior to Reborn. Without it, it might be difficult to do something like that, but the excuse of changing timelines a couple times is enough of a buffer to just reset some stuff that needed to be. So, yeah, less of a backfire and more of just 90's bloat incarnate.

  8. RSLindsay on

    A few bad comic book decisions you missed:

    In the Batman comics, Barbara Gordon's Oracle was a far more interesting character than Batgirl ever was. But with the New 52, they brought Batgirl back, and Oracle hasn't been seen since.

    Also in the Batman comics, they have replaced Tim Drake as Robin with Batman's ***hole son, Damien, brought Jason Todd back from the grave, and built up the "Batman family" until it is the size of the Brady Bunch. All bad decisions.

    Another bad decision was killing off Spoiler (Stephanie Brown), and then telling us that Dr. Leslie Thompkins was responsible for her death. They later retconned this by bringing back Spoiler, and vindicating Dr. Thompkins in the most unbelievable "Here's what REALLY happened" story in Batman history. It's one of those events that everyone prefers to forget ever happened.

    Also the whole "Final Crisis" storyline in DC Comics was one incomprehensible mess.

  9. raze dragon on

    Wouldn't have new 52 with out rebirth. Also rebirth has not gotten rid of everything. It is a hybrid of what's right from all eras. People love x23 & honey badger. Also spiderman had a reason of sacrifice. But marvel needs to stop the goofy realuch just make good stories, not the catering to one crowd stuff. Secret empire is trash. The only good thing out of it was it ended. It changed nothing.


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