Top 10 Celebs Who Were Fired by Disney


100 comments on “Top 10 Celebs Who Were Fired by Disney

  1. Mark Macias on

    Honestly I'm kind of glad that PewDiePie isn't working with Disney, then again I don't see any reason why he would be count as a celebrity since he's a YouTuber, as for Jake Paul he's an idiot, there's going to be a boxing match tomorrow which is going to be fun seeing Jake Paul being defeated

  2. Phalyn Williams on

    Many people strongly support Disney's decision to fire James Gunn and are greatly offended by his multiple tweets over a several year period as well as his attendance at a pedo party in which he dressed up as a priest.

  3. Gups on

    Your political perspective is showing. Sorry but there was more than the 100 pedo jokes that Gunn said, such as a good friend who is full on pedo and the pedo themed party. Roseanne though!! She said something stupid, but wasn't racial at all, people forced ther narrative and now Disney has to fire anyone who has ever said something wrong. Even Pew isn't guilty, but don't do actual research or anything

  4. Zoro p on

    I think most of the actors deserve being fired, because Disney actors have to be idols for younger genrations and some of these actors are wild and bad examples

  5. Kelly KitKat on

    I guess there are certain acts that might affect ticket sales… like blowing up a public monument… but I still find it difficult to believe that people would refuse to go see a movie because they do not like the actor. I think the story takes prevedence over the actors. But if you are a fan of a certain artist then you might give that new movie a chance. Bridges of Madison County was awful. Gave up on it after five minutes. Not Eastwood's finest. The Gauntlet – still watchable. … If Osama Bin Laden was playing the bad guy… would people stay away ? Movies… Retail sales… working on an automobile assembly plant…. in the near future, will you lose work because of unpaid parking tickets, or drunken disorderly conduct? How far are we now from adopting China's Social Credit System? Sounds very Disney, no ?


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