Top 10 Celebs Who Were Fired by Disney


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  1. Bright Grimm on

    I grew with Star Wars hell it was one of my first movies and I even liked the prequels (if u want to hate on me for that I don't give a shot) but then Disney came in and F##ked up the whole thing and if u like the new ones that is ur opinion and this is mine.

  2. blastvortex on

    Bella Thorne doesn't understand the concept of trying to maintain a family friendly image. it's not Disney's fault she's a stupid, senseless, and apparently irascible human. ofc, Disney is hypocritical anyway (e.g. Little Mermaid, etc), so it hardly matters.

  3. blastvortex on

    not to support any of James Gunn's foolish nonsense, but you failed to mention that the reason it was brought up in the first place was because of his anti-Trump sentiments. that's why Mike Cernovich resurrected it: to make James suffer (even though he might've deserved it), despite the profound irony that Mike Cernovich himself is a known misogynist, sex offender, and closet paedophile.

  4. April Nicholes on

    Think about the James Gunn controversy like this….the same people saying they so offended by his firing would be the first ones with pitchforks and torches if someone OTHER than Disney found those tweets first and published it.

  5. Everything is stupid on

    Wait, so #2, james gunn, was fired because of tweets disney didnt know about until at least 2 movies in? And this was also the first time roseanne said/tweeted something controversial since the original? Why hire roseanne and why did it take so long for disney? I must be missing something because if thats how these 2 went down, then they went down for publicity

  6. LORDE 2729 on

    i am kinda done with Disney after how they treated Gunn. they lost about 90 percent of their respect.if Gunn doesnt direct GoG3 no one will watch it . i personally will boycott it and i urge every one to do so. i am done with mavel movies after infinity war 2 anyway. fuck disney and their bullying ways.

  7. Brains before BS on

    I know Gunn was wrong but when do we start forgiving people for what that say , type or make mistakes? I don’t know, I couldn’t forgive Roseanne right away but 1 day we should , well it’s Disney’s company they fu@ked up Star Wars so I guess they can do whatever they want


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