Top 10 Celebrities Who Were Kicked Out of School


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  1. Aaron Burr Atwood. on

    I started selling porn mags at school from age 12. My brother was six years older than me so when he was old enough, I’d get him to buy me these three pack specials of out-a-date mags for like $6.00. I had a lot of horny 12 year old friends that would pay $10. EACH for them. I made god money and never got caught. My brother moved away when I was 14 & I had to close up shop. I would put the magazine in cheap 19cent folder and hand it over right in class. I would of coarse have to peruse the periodical first. Yeah know, to make sure the product was good!

  2. Scruffy Old Sweat on

    With the exception, of Eric clapton and Will Dafoe the rest were all kids with rich celebrity parents with connection in the entertainment industry especially Lilly Allen and Charlie Sheen, so their future were pretty much secure anyway.

  3. CommanderSteel707 on

    Friend: Will, I heard you got kicked out of school
    Willem: I want you to do one thing…avenge me
    Friend: what?
    Willem: AVENGE ME!!!!!!!
    Friend: idk wtf you’re talking about!!!!!
    Willem: wait ti’ll 2004 and you’ll see

  4. Steven Young on

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  5. Andres Kosberg on

    Top 10 Celebrities that went to Disney World
    Top 10 Celebrities who like Justin Bieber
    Top 10 Celebrities who walk cool
    Top 10 Celebrities who have big lips
    Top 10 Celebrities who eat bacon and chips with chocolate

  6. Kakki82 -Roddy M on

    Johnny Depp recalled the principal said, "Johnny, we don't want you here anymore , go do your thing with your guitar and stuff" in a friendly way,,,lol I guess that's why he ain't on this list, didn't get expelled


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