Top 10 Cartoon Characters that Should Be in Prison


100 comments on “Top 10 Cartoon Characters that Should Be in Prison

  1. Lawyer Morty on

    why is Cartman no.4 he should be on be any of the top three. Look what he has done like what he did to Scott Tenorman or rallied up the the citizens of South Park and dressed up as Hitler to take out Kyle.

  2. Richard parnell on

    Thats a hard one rick or Quagmire? would you rather girls to be molested or 6 billion plus people to die that is what this boils down to. In retrospect the order in the video was correct and you made me ate Quagmire.

  3. Andy's Entertainment Corner on

    wheres Old Man Herbert, he is also a sex offender who always making sexual remarks to Chris and other boys in town and always had a sexual fantasy that he was married to Chris, he pervs on chris, he properly the biggest paedophile ever shown on a animated show

  4. AximandTheCursed on

    Mr. Burns probably deserved the spot over Homer, and I'm a little surprised that Dethklok from Metalocalypse isn't an honourable mention, just for the number of fans and employees they've arbitrarily killed alone. (Admittedly, those "pain waivers" cover pretty much all forms of liability, but still.)

  5. LEO C. on

    Wait a minute ! You seriously think prison can hold Rick Sanchez a long time ? Wrong ! He his one of the most powerful tv characters off all time and nothing will stop him, like he said :"If God exists, it's fucking me !"

  6. Dakotah Rednour on

    I understand that those characters are horrible with all the bad things they had done and should ends up in prison, but what about SpongeBob SquarePants, didn’t you see what SpongeBob had done throughout the years?

  7. Joon Francis Mamauag on

    you should put (rick sanchez) in the no 1 cause he deserve it for destroying a number of alternate universes,being the most wanted man for rebelling a whole galactic federation,for deatroying a council of that is made by his own clone,making a portal gun,having the title of being the most smartest person in the universes,for making an artificial universes,for making a plague and infection that causes wiping all of humanities and thats all for our top 1 pick.unsubscribe watchmojo and watch other shit clips


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