Top 10 Bugs That Became Features in Gaming


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  1. kght222 on

    2:49 it isn't that simple. to start with "spamming" the jump button did work in tribes, but if you were sending as many commands as you claim you would never be able to send anything else, you could easily skii without a script and still can. and there has never been a tribes after "starsiege: tribes" that didn't intentionally implement skiing, because it was that easy to do without scripting. the glitch did make the game, but you didn't need anything special to use the glitch other than a tutorial, and considering that the game was lacking in tutorials in general, it really didn't matter if it was a glitch, it was a part of the game. we are talking about one of the first multiplayer only games ever that came out head to head with quake 3 and unreal tournament. at the moment in time if you were playing one of those games and didn't already know what you were doing, you were encouraged to go back and catch up.

  2. Compucles on

    How could wavedashing be removed from SSB Melee when GameCube games aren't capable of being patched? However, this "technique" has not been included in any future installments of the series, so there is no way you can claim it's become a feature!

  3. Erin Ward on

    Kind of sad Plesioth's hip check from monster hunter isn't on here. It has been broken as hell since the original game way back on ps2. And Capcom has obviously decided to leave it as is, or hell in a few games he seems even more broken. But its kind of just become his defining thing.


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