Top 10 Biggest World of Warcraft Events


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  1. aegisofhonor on

    to be honest, I don't think Ahn Qraji should be the number 1 event, though it was epic to some degree, it was so difficult and mostly inaccessible by the vast majority of players, that few ever got to truly experience it to it's fullest. Very few people were even in a position to complete the very difficult quest chain and many only did a few of the gathering and little more other then that. The biggest problem was, it was active at a time where information was not all that easily accessible and many people didn't even know where to start other then gather resources to help in the war effort. Even the epic quest and the mount I didn't even learn about till TBC was already out.

  2. Bastarden on

    This game will never die. It has many haters, people desperate to see it fail and die.
    But it lives on, with amazing new strength as of Legion and its newly released expansion Battle for Azeroth! I am a player that's been with this game for 14 years, and I'm blown away by how they stepped up their game after Warlords of Draenor.

  3. Ash Rynn on

    Well the playerbase is smaller than the WotLK days, it's still an astounding amount for a 14 year old game. Saying "It will die soon" is more of a play on Blizzard's "Soon™" meme than it is a statement based on any factual accuracy. I honestly thought WoD was the decline of WoW, but Legion did an amazing course correction to the point that people complained WoW had too much content to get through.

  4. C Wel on

    Truly the greatest world event was the plague before the lich king expansion. It lasted weeks and got progressively worse. It consumed the game, the week before launch was a nightmare. – Blackbride of Frostmane

  5. Dracotonis on

    The scourge invasion was my favourite, I still remember me and my friends defending the starter area and noobies in Northshire from other players trying to infect and kill them.

  6. Vierynbryn on

    i actually reached exalted with Shattered Sun Offensive during BC, took a while, and i never had the gear to get into raids.
    A world tree, not THE world tree – there is Nordrassil, Andrassil(the fallen tree in Grizzly Hills), Teldrassil(burned) Shaladrassil

    Gates of AQ – i was about level 45 at the time, so i watched my dad get shredded by the like 8 npcs that were just annihilating both factions. we woke up at 4 or 5 in the AM to do this. this was followed by weaker versions of the AQ enemies at the gates marching on several locations across Kalimdor, including Gadgetzan, where i was questing at the time

  7. Usako Utada on

    How about the battle for Undercity? Idon't know if it can be considered an "event" because itlasted all the WoTLK but it isn't available since Cataclysm. It was one of my favourite moments in the game.


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