Top 10 Biggest Game of Thrones Twists


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  1. Kķn_D : on

    Now thinking of it..Dragon killing jon snow would've been satisfying too.. Ps. Like two lover sacrifice themselves for betterment of tomorrow… Also like last of targaryen…the end of targaryen ….But noooo.. The dragon had to go an somehow melt iron throne instead -_-
    Ps. X-men the last stand

  2. Mind Rules on

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  3. Tim Green on

    So is every video going to be about GOT now ? Come on Mojo the show is over move on already. At this point all those unhappy fans are just repeating themself. It is what it is.

  4. Kashmir 999 on

    Red Wedding didn't do anything for me. The characters that died weren't that great in my opinion. Catelyn was a dick, Robb thought with only his dick, and the girl was just… meh.

    Actually, the dog DID die too so forget everything I just said

  5. Christoph Neuschaeffer on

    #7 The death of Littlefinger was well orchestrated but it did not come as a surprise. Not after Bran told him »Chaos is a ladder«. We knew from that moment that Bran knew everything about Littlefingers dirty scheme to use the war between the Houses Lannister and Stark to his own good and that he had betrayed Ned Stark. Thus it was all too clear that Littlefinger was a dead man walking and should have left Winterfell immediately after this conversation with Bran.

  6. Louis B on

    Not the biggest twist, but one of my favorite moments was Dany buying the Unsullied, revealing she knew Valyrian, and turning the tables on the masters.

  7. Sam Korican on

    Jon killing Dany and Jon being a Targaryen, while definitely shocking, were something that a lot of people suspected though. I would make the list go something like this;

    1. Red Wedding
    2. Ned's Death
    3. Hold the Door
    4. Jon's "Death"
    5. Cersei Blows up Sept
    6. Jaime Pushes Bran out the Window
    7. Oberyn's Death
    8. Dany Receives Unsullied / Speaks Valyrian
    9. Arya Kills Walder Frey
    10. Arya Kills Night King (would've been higher had Melisandre not spelled it out for us)

    -Dany has Dragons!
    -Jon = Targaryen
    -Sansa & Arya Kill Littlefinger

  8. Marc Batocabe on

    Oberyn technically didn't fail in avenging his family… He was able to posthumously got his revenge and the remember the mountain has been technically dead for 3 season now.

  9. Deven Perry on

    Damn no Jaime losing his hand? I Thought that a somewhat major character who is the best swordsmen in Westeros history losing his sword hand was pretty fucking crazy


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