Top 10 Biggest Changes In Super Smash Bros Ultimate


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  1. gamer12464 on

    I know their reason for 'stage first, fighter last'.. but I hope there's an option for reversing that back to its original 'fighter first, stage last'. I feel like its easier.. for me in my way of not being able to explain why

  2. SkyHighGam3r on

    10.) I don't like the stage select first – that seems arbitrary and annoying. Hope we can swap it.
    9.) I never understood the weird moves people come up with.
    8.) "In the lead" doesn't make sense to me 'cause I play stock or HP matches only.
    7.) Perfect shield is kind of cool.
    6.) The more of this, the better. Adds a lot of unique flavor to fighters.
    5.) Glad to see the air-dodge back.
    4.) Omega/Battlefield stages are stupid IMO – removes all the fun.
    3.) Adjusting the damage for 1v1 is STUPID AF STUPID AF STUPID AF – We need to be able to turn that off. I don't want shorter matches, I want LONGER ones.
    2.) Bosses seem interesting, I hope it's fun.
    1.) Obviously one of the best parts.

    0.) Rayman is gonna be awesome.

  3. Charles Darwin on

    The boss battle mechanic they're talking about actually started in the last game with Yellow Devil, Metal Face (or Mumkhar), Ridley/Meta Ridley, and Dark Emperor appearing as bosses on the Dr. Wily's Castle, Gaur Plain, Pyrosphere, and Find Mii stages respectively.
    The mechanic is simple, when the boss appears, they start unleashing attack after attack that hits all fighters on the stage. The bosses also have health gauges and can be attacked. When their health gauge's run out, the bosses explode, damaging everyone except for the fighter who dealt the finishing blow.

  4. TheGreatNorwie on

    adding more melee features. = adding short hopping?
    that was in smash bros 4 as well. i get so tired of all of these watch mojo commentators that doesn't really know what they talk about.


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