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  1. Alex Severinski on

    The best Big Bang Theory moment will be the few seconds after the end of the final episode, when we will all finally, FINALLY be free of our long standing nightmare, the evil will finally be defeated and we will never need to see any of these terrible actors ever again.

  2. Copy Strike on

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  3. Monolith on

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  4. DP3com on

    One of my favorite scenes, not just on this show, but TV in general is when Penny visits Leonard at his lab and he puts on a hologram of Earth, expands it to our solar system and then the Milky Way galaxy as he explains to Penny a theory on how we all may be one giant painting. It showcased very well how two different people, nerd and popular girl, can romantically entwine with each other. Also love how afterwards she shuts off the lights, takes charge, and gives him some unexpected lovin'.


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