Top 10 Best TV Shows of 2018 (So Far)


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  1. Snagabott on

    The Americans is the best show I've seen. You really need to binge it to appreciate just how good it is though. So many little things that go unnoticed if you don't see it Insightful and clever writing with iron discipline, great acting and really neat cinematography. It's the full package.

  2. Thomas Martins on

    I am a gay, male, liberal, and yet I am very confused. A person of color using whiteface in a role deserves an Emmy, yet a white person portraying another race is racist and deserves hate? It makes no sense. Shouldn’t anybody be able to portray whatever and whomever as long as they’re talented enough to pull it off?

  3. funtime on

    Ha. I don't watch any of these. My List. THE 100, Harlots, Wentworth, Castle Rock, The Sinner, Queen of the South. Atypical, Wynona Earp, Preacher, Sharp Objects, Humans.

  4. Vitor Apollinario on

    The handmaid's tale is the most overrated show ever. And so leftist, he preaches a constant hatred of men. The messages are there to influence people on the left. One particular scene in which several women are burning names of their "rapists," referring to the men they have had sex, in a clear way to say that every relationship between a man and a woman is a rape. This is just one of several scenes they pregram hate to men. All the "heroes" of the show are women or homosexuals, men are mean, cruel and even used for personal satisfaction.
    I find this show pathetic, boring. And I do not even need to talk about Atlanta. Hoolywood's media have to stop being largely leftist, and pay attention to good shows like Outlander, The Americans and others outside the progressive bubble.

  5. Ricardum on

    Hey, bi fan here.
    i notice that you didn't put lodge 49 in your list, it is beautiful! If you didn't see yet i realy recomend it. Loved most of the series that you quote, especially "Killing Eve"!
    Thanks again for the videos!!!

  6. Deena Malloy on

    My list:
    1 Atlanta
    2 Westworld
    3 Killing Eve
    4 Ozark
    5 Stranger Things
    6 Barry
    7 Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
    8 G.L.O.W
    9 Jessica Jones
    10 Blackish

    Limited Miniseries: Maniac, Sharp Objects, Collateral, The Defiant Ones,


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