Top 10 Best Multiplayer RPGs


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  1. KeoneArt on

    I’m glad everyone’s talking about BL2 because that’s the only thing on this list that I’ve played. I’m not a fan of the whole “Dungeons,Dragons and Magic” type of games so my love for RPGs are limited.

  2. cory smith on

    While both are amazing games which I love the Dark Souls and Borderlands series aren't rpgs. Borderlands is an FPS with slight rpg elements and Dark Souls is an action adventure game.

  3. BoXy_19 on

    Like if you still play Borderlands to this day! My friend got me into it in May 2017 made me buy the Handsome Collection on ps4, I've never played it before, but got into it played through the entire game coop & it's became my favorite game series of all time, it's now my life haha only video game merch I own is borderlands stuff the game changed my life

  4. Scootermagoo on

    Monster Hunter.. Really? Number 2. Really? I see you guys keep making new stuff top of the list while the better games languish. I can agree with the list up to MHW.. it's new and it's number 2..

  5. Revengedealer on

    I find it ironic that Diablo is number 1. Diablo will be lucky if it doesn't lose half its player base. D3 is done and even though everyone knows 4 is in development, people still wanted to hear about it. Instead, they got some trash mobile game and are beyond pissed.


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