Top 10 Best Movie Endings of the 2000s


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  1. Jason Kaplan on

    A fine list. But to me, I find the ending of Sideways to be one of the best. After everything that takes place in the film, Alexander Payne knew exactly where to end it. That makes a great ending.

  2. Christopher Jakel on

    Memento is my all time favorite film. It is such an emotionally charged and oddly satisfying film even in the face of unthinkable horrors and one that truly keeps you on your toes. I have seen many great films past and present and still have not seen this ones equal in any genre. The best part is, I went to the theater to see a different film and whatever film that was was sold out so I went to see this small, barely advertised little known film called Memento instead. Thank the heavens for "chance"

  3. nungiceman on

    Sorry but the departed ending was crap. It's not even close to the original Hong Kong movie, the infernal affairs. Which was the best movie came out of Hong Kong for the pass decade, if not decades.
    However, the film does have a Scorsese signature to it and Leo was amazing as always.

  4. YLPY on

    Sorry, I really do not like Daniel Day Lewis. To me, he always appears to overact. We're told he's brilliant, maybe because he's Cecil Day Lewis's son, but I just don't see it. I truly cannot recall a movie in which I liked his performance.

  5. k s on

    …. I was about to write a comment complaining about the fact that There Will Be Blood wasn't on the list, but then it made first place! Arguably the greatest ending of all time. Absolutely legendary

  6. Elsa Anna on

    But WHY was he laying on the floor for hours pretending to be dead for no reason apart from surprising an unseen audience?? I love horror more than anything but I HATE the whole saw series

  7. Anton myers on

    No country for old men doesn’t not deserve to be here, although I was shocked when I realized it was over and I just wasted hours of my life watching a crappy movie that was over hyped.


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