Top 10 Best Marvel Comic Couples


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  1. John Reeves on

    Too bad for the alternate universe versions of Rogue. Cuz in several other universes she is single and Gambit is fodder. I mean very few alternate universes do they get together but on Earth-1009, 100010, 11326, 58163, 1298 and even the Deadpool games universe she is single and ready to tap. LOL

  2. newageBoundhippie on

    a few honorable mentions:

    Wiccan & Hulkling
    Black Bolt & Medusa
    Leo Fitz & Jemma Simmons ( hey, they exist in the comics now so I'm counting them )
    Shatterstar & Rictor
    Captain America & Sharon Carter
    Havok & Polaris

  3. Luis Vazquez on

    I'm kinda surprised whenever I see Cyclops and Jean Grey on lists like this rather than Wolverine and Jean Grey, then again I usually never see Wolverine on lists like this in general.

  4. Pablo Lasaga Mota on

    Pride ends and suddenly we forget about LGBT couples… I mean. I know all this couples are iconic and I think they deserve their spot here but I drives me mad that when Pride comes EVERYBODY is suddenly gay-friendly and when it ends we stop existing… Hypocrisy.

  5. KainGerc on

    For all the people mentioning 'Cloak & Dagger', they are not that much of a big deal in the comics.
    after their low to moderate popular series in the 80's they barely showed up in the comics, only making cameos here and there and having a short mini series or two.
    they even joined the X-Men for a while (even though they aren't mutants) to try and boost their popularity and it didn't really work.

    they only reason you hear about them now is because they have a TV show.

  6. Noek on

    You better be doing another top 10 Marvel couples which will need Hulking and Wiccan, Black Bolt and Medusa, Winter Soldier and Black Widow.

  7. Foreverchris01 on

    Favorite couple in marvel t'challa and storm. They are a true definition of royal couple (heck even in a universe where ultron defeated the avengers those two had a son). I hope Disney gets the rights to both x-men and fantastic four. It will be awesome to see storm incorporated into the next black panther movie.

  8. Foreverchris01 on

    But Tony stark and pepper pots make a wonderful couple. Pepper is the only lady who Stark trusts a lot and pepper genuinely cares and loves him as she is the only woman who can get to tony to listen to her and take his advice

  9. amarkray01 on

    I would have put Cyclops and Jean Grey in the Top 3 for sure. The fact that they are listed below Storm and Black Panther is kind of sickening. If anything, I would have put Storm and Black Panther 5th, with Gambit and Rogue 4th. I grew up reading X-Men and while the Gambit/Rogue storyline was intriguing, it can't hold a candle to the truly iconic nature of Cyclops and Jean's which started a good 20+ years before Gambit and Rogue ever met.

  10. Jeison Wolf on

    In spite of how finish the relationship of Scott and Jean, they should be in the top 3, they has always been a good couple and one with one of the most solid loves of all the comics.

  11. PhoenixPsilence on

    Storm and Black Panther was a horrible connection. I hope they keep them far away from each other. I hope Jean Grey finds love again because Scott and Emma was horrible to do to her.


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