Top 10 Best Final Bosses In Video Game History


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  1. Mike Cranston on

    Trump is truly the greatest villain the world has ever known, yet his supporters reward his incompetence with blind loyalty! SAD! ps. War Thunder sucks and Capra Demon should be on the list, while not final, he killed everyone the first time.

  2. Gregory Despines on

    I remember when I got the game Bowser's Inside Story when I was little I wasn't able to beat the game or at least get very far because I wasn't very smart but I started playing the game again years later and with time I did eventually be and one thing you should know about my accomplishment is that I had to host an all-nighter which lasted all the way from the start Peach's castle to the very end of the game that's right I've managed to get to the last area of the game and then struggled my way to the final boss and then being the final boss in one night with no breaks and trust me it's easier said than done and then when I bought the remake of the wonder what happened next the conclusion of me beating the remake of the game ended the same way that's right like before I hosted an all-nighter to beat the remake of the game from the final area of the game to the final boss and yes this is in fact a true story and even know it was kind of a stupid idea but I'm damn proud that I decided to take that risk

  3. MoonDarkWolf An earthbound fan on

    Giygas at 7th?

    Eh, I’ve seen worse

    Personally would’ve put him at 1 just because of how memorable and spooky he is.

    Giygas is something that I’ve seen numerous times and very few video games have made feel a legitimate for its a characters like the mother series.

    When I’m still terrified as a boss and am not a kid

    You’ve done pretty good.

  4. Jourdain Lelièvre on

    Senator Armstrong?
    Above The Boss & Liquid Snake?

    In what world are you guys living?
    Also, that game came out 3 years before Trump's presidency. Slack off with all this orange man bad bs.

  5. Aram Fitzgerald on

    I personally liked the list, I just wish that you had left your political opinions out of it .because it doesn't matter which side you're on it just raises everyone's stress level. and I didn't appreciate the commercial break in the middle. it just seems like a real step down from what you guys used to be. sorry for the negativity, and I look forward to more great lists.

  6. Bryan Forquer on

    One of my favorite video game quotes is when Dante says "We are the sons of Sparda, and within each if us flows his blood. But more importantly his soul!" – Devil May Cry 3

  7. hey it's that one guy on

    Seriously, can everyone just cool it with the bashing of President Trump for a while? Despite what you think and hear from the media, not everyone is on board with your hatred of our President. You're not preaching to the choir, nor are you changing anyone's mind. You're only alienating half of your viewing audience.

  8. John Crespo on

    Oh, so watchmojo is anti-Trump. So much so that they couldn't help but slander him in a video about video game bosses lol fools. Good to know though as I will no longer watch their videos.

  9. Billy Ball on

    In my opinion Gannon wasn’t the best final boss, the entire oot game was not worth making. I’m a huge Zelda fan but that one is my least favorite. Try asir from bayonetta 2. That’s a great boss fight.


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