Top 10 Best Elton John Cameos


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  1. starhealer1 on

    When I was a little kid I remember seeing Elton John on the tv show puttnam's prairie emporium from time to time. I really loved watching puttnam's prairie emporium.

  2. Captain Brandon Mr. Rockabilly on

    Meh, I was hoping for at least an honorable mention of him cameo appearance in a n early episode of The Osbournes. Yes, him and Ozzy of all people are close (because of Sharon). He dropped by his L.A. home one day. Was surreal to see both of 'em together. Very cool though.

  3. Rebecca - WatchMojo on

    Elton John and Miss Piggy have been my spirit animals for wayyyy longer than I care to admit soooo I LOVE THIS LIST! Anyway, I don't even know how we ranked this because they're literally all my favorite – I even watched "The Nanny" AND I have his "South Park" song on my iPod! All this to say: what's your favorite Elton John SONG? Mine is "Funeral for a Friend" 🙂

  4. Derptor Reviews on

    I remember one of the first times I ever listened to Elton was when I was a child. I remember repeated watching Lion King because his song was my favorite. I also remember seeing him in a Bob the Builder special Bob's White Christmas Elton John preforms or a really good sound alike if it's not him but I remember. Does anyone else remember that?

  5. lauren scott on

    I was obsessed with Elton John when I was 10 because of the Lion King sound track and I asked my mom if she knew Elton was gay. she laughed at me and said "yes, that not new information"


    Elton's cameos were way better than that POS Rocketman 🎥.
    I knew they were gonna take some things out of context, and they did.
    They should've asked his homeboy
    Bernie 2 cowrite the script.
    Better to find his concerts on YouTube and watch The Man Himself. Or buy his albums.
    That's all we have now.
    Gonna miss the shit outta him.

  7. Joshua Brooks on

    I don't care about Elton John being gay. I applaud him for being open about it, and for the music he's given us over the last 50 years. I hope he enjoys his retirement, if he ever decides to do so. Thanks for the great music, Elton. We love you!


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