Top 10 Best Animal Parents


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  1. Jae on

    How are humans the worst parents? – to the people who are saying so

    Human parents usually take care of their children for 18 years and they pay thousands of dollars for them. If it’s because of abuse or abandonment, some animals do that to their offspring as well. Some eat their own children! Even if a human is starving I doubt they’d ever even think about eating their child, they’d probably take a risk and steal some food. Have you ever seen children with terrible diseases and deformities? They usually have great parents who love them, meanwhile if an animal has an offspring like that, they’d abandon them or kill them. Think what you want. Also humans adopt easily, whereas animals usually don’t.

  2. Mary Nesbitt-Larking on

    The fact that orcas weren't number 1 (AND WEREN'T EVEN ON THE LIST) has me pissed as hell. Orcas form such strong bonds with their young that they stay with them FOR LIFE. Particularly resident orcas. And because orcas possess "spindle neurons" (something that almost all species lack, including humans), they are able to empathise on a much deeper level. They grieve like no other species.

  3. FTjack AoE7AoT on

    I agree with this list but I would prefer the penguin first. Both penguins parents are involved with their kids life while the male orangutan leaves. Yeah they care for their young longer but animals have different lifespan. Plus if you've seen the documentaries, the penguin parents takes turn bringing the bread home, they travel long ass distance, they jump into terrifying waters in which some survives, make the journey back home with a full stomach, and the craziest shit is that they have to look for their spouse in a crowded group of penguins that all looks the same. They all look like your wife or husband but only one is your lover lol. Therefore at my future wedding, instead of getting ice swan sculptures I'm getting penguin sculptures.

  4. tiniracoon on

    What about salmon? Mom and dad literally commit suicide to protect their eggs. When they travel up the river, after they lay the eggs, they throw themselves at the bears, so they eat the parents and not the eggs.


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