Top 10 Best and Worst Naruto Games


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  1. Vav Aleph on

    if anything the storm games are the worst from what i expected when the first storm came out there was no need to use all of that beautiful space in storm just to have the same gameplay as ultimate ninja on ps2 i loved ultimate ninja but storm was super disappointing when it came out especially when they took out the free roam in storm 1 after that had alot of potential but sucked because you were Limited to one village now all they gotta do is mix naruto the broken bond's free roam and storm 1s free roam with more included of course with shinobi strikers gameplay and ultimate ninjas story line creativity and the free roam from ultimate ninja 4 also with clash of ninjas music and maybe naruto the broken bonds jutsu sequence to make it harder where you have to perform the handsigns.Also uzumaki chronicles style of free roam with those type of missions too

  2. Donta Roberts on

    Naruto Shippuden gekito ninja taisen is actually naruto shippuden clash of a ninja revolution 4 in the west. And apparently the game did ship to America in some retail GameStop's across the country but the game shipped in complete Japanese copies for the Nintendo wii.

  3. BajaIzŠtale on

    ugh… what about Shinobi Striker? I know it's not a Naruto game, but rather a "Naruto to Boruto" game featuring both generations, but still… same universe, counts. The game would probably be like second or third.


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