Top 10 Awful Teen Titans Go! Episodes


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  1. Ja Bacon on

    Disclaimer: I am a fan of the old teen titans. I hated animated drama when this show was around, but it was the only one out of all those action cartoon shows that not only interested me, but actually kept me emotionally invested in something that wasn't in the slightest my cup of tea.

    I love that Teen Titan Go exists. There is no show in existence with so much balls as to directly attack the audience watching it so as to troll them. They troll sooooo hard in this show it's really pissing people off, and its HILARIOUS! It's a success in spite of all the contempt it displays for fans of the original teen titans, fans of the new show itself, etc.. And to top it all of and piss everyone completely off, they drop a fucking movie! Like seriously, how disrespectful is it that the original, dark, deeper series didn't even inspire DC to make a live action teen titans movie… But they make a fucking Teen Titans Go movie like 3 years after the shows run began. How salty does that make the original fans?

    Also. What a dick move by all involved.

    Cartoon network for hiring the same voice actors from the original show and allowing certain scripts/storylines to air

    And DC for allowing one of their most popular and well recieved, as well as respected, commercial properties for allowing it to become a complete parody of itself.

    The more you peel back the layers of outright contempt for it's product and consumers, the funnier it gets lmao

  2. Nicholas Machado on

    Random Rant Ahead

    You know, I liked the show at first until about late Season 2. The episode I gave the series up on is Two Bumblebees and a Wasp (I am terrified of bees). Upon rewatching episode clips, the new episodes have been mostly horrid (Even 40% 40% 20% coming out as mostly boring). I have absolutely no reason why they can't do episodes the old way, whatever that means. The movie is, together, well over 50x better than the ENTIRETY of the series post TBBAAW.


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