Top 10 Anime That Tried To Be Scary But Aren’t


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  1. monkeymouse on

    There's a trilogy of ghost stories under the title "Ayakashi" that has two retellings of classic Kabuki stories–the famous "Yotsuya Kaidan" and "Tenshu Monogatari", plus an original story about a family that is cursed for its cruel behavior, especially toward cats. The art style of the last story is eccentric in the extreme, and led to another not-scary series titled "Mononoke". All rather pedantic, but that's how some Japanese ghost stories are: meant to educate rather than scare.

  2. SnarkyDevil4DaWinBoiz on

    I guess most of these shows are cases of "Anime adaptation is inferior compared to the original source"

    If the so-called horror anime is an original, then it's a waste of animating budget and Japanese TV program scheduling

  3. Star Hunter on

    Hey! Hentai voice acting isn't that awf… I mean, what is this "hentai" of which you speak? 😕 In all seriousness, the voice acting in anime is nearly always the very worst with English dubs. I can only name two anime that I can only listen to the dub, partly because it was excellent voice acting and was the only version I had access to at the time. I mean, Cowboy Bepop just isn't the same without Steve Blum and Fullmetal Alchemist (either version) isn't the same without Vic Mignogna and Travis Willingham. (There's one other show I like dub for, buuut only for one character. I'm not claiming the anime is necessarily a good adaptation- I prefer the light novels it came from- but Trinity Blood isn't the same without Troy Baker, for me.) I find it really goddamn annoying that they don't hire better talent (save for a small group of people, but they can't do every anime) for dubs, because the talent is out there! Granted, even if they did I'd stick to subs. During my mom's pregnancy she listened to a lot of Japanese music because of the music thing many pregnant women do, and spent the first 3 years of my life exposed to more Japanese (including kids programming) than I was English. So it wasn't long enough for me to learn much Japanese but enough I love hearing it. It was rather funny that my mom picked that music because she had no idea we'd move there when I was 6 weeks old, though she'd been there several times to visit my paternal DNA contributer while he was on a contract. (…I was, quite literally Made in Japan, ick. It was pretty funny that the first ON-GYN she saw insisted my date of conception was an entirely different window of time, despite my mom explaining why he was wrong. I guess he could've been implying she had am affair without saying it out loud, but either way, she had to find a new doctor.)

    …fuck, this cold medication has really been making me rambley today.


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