Top 10 Anime Power Awakening Scenes


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  1. skins4thewin on

    Way to negate one of the most legendary and influential moments in the history of Anime, the original Super Saiyan transformation. It was the moment that literally spawned countless other Anime series' in it's stead. SSJ2 doesn't even hold a candle to this.

  2. Rodcis Hesita on

    I'm gonna go old school here so here goes:

    -Yusuke's Demonic heritage Yu Yu Hakusho
    -Recca's first flame
    -Kira Yamato's SEED
    -Ginji's Lightning Emperor
    -Seras Victoria's Vampiric Awakening
    -Hau and Amidamaru's first Oversoul
    -Takamura almost kills Hawk

  3. Emma bffC on

    fairy tail – erza scarlet when she first uses her power, such a powerful scene… should be there !
    also when we first see Natsu as a "dragon slayer" with marks on his face and arms against Jellal

    i agree with gohan, this scene is one of the best scene of dbz


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