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  1. Haas Claw // MLBB on

    I wish there is an anime where a boy is walking to go home from school

    And suddenly Something popped up in front of his face that is glass holographic looking and has writings and says:

    Patch 1.0

    *Decreased Earth rotation
    -change from 24 hours a rotation to 30 hours a rotation

    *New type added called Magic
    -magic is the power to control elements like fire wind darkness etc

    *Game name changed from "Universe" to Universe RPG"

    *All Modern Items will be Deleted ( including phones Televisions satelites etc )

    *when a person dies, he will get spawned to a place called "Chafpel"

    *New Landmark added: Chafpel
    -looks like a church
    -the one who dies spawns here takes 2 days for a dead person to spawn here
    -Chafpels are made from Something that only god can break.

    *Oceans Are removed and turned to Land..
    -which means all countries will bbe connected

    *Countries will be Protected with walls.
    -the countries boarders will be placed with walls to use as protection
    -These wall may also spawn in a countries cities towns provinces etc.

    *Building Houses Fastfood Restaurants Luxury Restaurants Reworked.
    -Your House will Look Like A Fantasy RPG game house or medieval House that looks better..
    ( It only changes the style not the size and shape ) You only get water from Wells and Pumps. Your air conditioner can be a Ice type Magic and get fueled by a Ice User.
    -Building will only have an average of three Floors. Changes are like what happened to the houses.
    -Restaurants will be your Countries nationality. ( if your Korean Japanese chinese Restaurants will be like old Ramen houses etc. IF Your american or western it will be like a Saloon or old school western Foods. If your european it will be european Foods and restaurant syle. )

    *World size increased by 12 times and countries sizes are affected
    -reason is Buildings sizes are limited

    *New Anti Overpopulation system
    -When people are born the world size increases

    * New Ranking system
    – Leveling up. With no Max level.
    – Item bars added so you dont need to carry stuff
    – Classified with roles. Like Blacksmith Merchant etc.

    *Soldier roles changed
    -Soldier roles are 5
    -Fighter Mage Marksman Assassin Tank Support…

    Knight Valkyrie Cavalry
    Enchanter Excrocist Wizard
    LongBow KnifeThrower Shuriken
    Ninja SwashBuckler Rogue
    ArmoredCavalry Bomber Fullmetal
    Healers Stunners Buffers Locators

    -Roles can also mix like
    Marksman Assassins will make Snipers
    Assassin Fighters Can make Samurai
    Fighter Mages can make
    Dark Knight
    And even more Mixes

    * When a modern object is made it will instantly vanish

    * People can earn Money by working or killing Mobs Monsters DarkDemons ETC

    *New species called Monsters Mobs DarkDemons Fallen angels..
    -Attacks humans and also has Level rank system.
    -High ranking Monsters Darkdemons Mobs FallenAngels can resemble Human appearance.
    -an army can swarm a Country City Town so defend it.
    -mostly lives in dungeons caves or Places with less Humans.

    Elves Humans DemiHumans Dwarfs Fairies Mythics Fulgels Angels Demons WereBeasts AnimalPeople Icycles And some races can also Mix ( all races can become soldiers slaves and some live in an all Places and all races resemble human appearance )

    *Soldiers Recieve Their own weapons.
    – A magic place called "Myseltin" Where a soldier who just become a soldier recieves a weapon from it that suits him most and it also gives the soldier if what is the role he or she shall be..

    -Example of weapons. Sword Dual Knife Katana LongSword Heavy Sword Spear Axe Scythe Whip Longbow Crossbow Snipers (sniper ammo are arrows that are small and Made entirely of Iron Diamond platinum etc. Its also hard to load with a time of 12-17 Seconds a Reload ) ChainWhips Shurikens SnakeSword HeavyStaff Kama Kusarigama Krises Balisong Kali Claws And more.. a soldiers weapon appearance will never be the same But type will be..

    *Speaking of soldiers.. Soldiers do not serve the country but are like Game Players that kill Monsters etc..
    AND THE MCs Stats from the videogame he keeps Playing Has got transported to this Rpg universe game. And he is OP..
    And the school turned to a Magic school.

    Genre: Game Fantasy Romance Comedy Harem school.

  2. III on

    Great, Happy sugar Life is not on the list, Cells at work is only at #8. and #5 is just a stereotype otaku anime with some pointless sexually suggestive cloths, exposing female body and a very bad ending. No wonder why people say this list is bad. Did you even watch the full series for each? Or you only watched the first episode and give out this list.
    Cells at work is my #1 because it has great characters, great scientific information and can be shown in biology class
    Happy sugar life is my #2 because it's unique
    Overlord is not having a great performance this year, disappointing..

  3. Naruto16Kun on

    Banana Fish should been in nr1 ….. this video just showed that a BL/YAOI too bad… to me BF a refreshing unique style anime witch gives me hope in animes nowadays compared the same repetative storys ( fansarvice, ecchi)

  4. Dian Farah on

    When someone says that the white blood cell in Cells at Work deals with crazy viruses and showed a scene where he is dealing with bacteria….. THE ALARMS ARE RINGING!!!! SCIENTIFICALLY INCORRECT!!!! X(


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