Top 10 Anime Characters Who Messed Up BIG TIME


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  1. mega sean on

    Spoiler alert for My Hero Academia, but Deku screws up big time in the next arc…

    Not saving Eri when he had the chance not only exposed the girl to way more danger, but also caused the death of Sir Nighteye, caused Mirio’s Quirk to be destroyed, and could have permanently weakened Eri’s Quirk altogether. If Deku had grabbed Eri and bolted, the entire arc would have gone a lot smoother. But letting her go back to Overhaul opened up the biggest can of worms in the entire series to date.

  2. ragnarok1984p on

    biggest mistake was that old man punching that girls head together with others also all the girls getting killed in anime is a mistake now i have to refresh my resurrection magic but if i had to name one it'd be that green-haired string gay guy from Akame ga kill heeeeee really made me wish i could jump into the screen and tear him apart

  3. ShadowBlake on

    I was always mad at the code geass thing because lelouch never commanded or specifically told euphimia to kill the Japanese he said "if i told you" it doesn't make sense i love the series but that always makes me mad

  4. Erick Ochoa on

    Would 1 even count in this scenario? They ended up getting (most of) their bodies back and if it wasn't for this event they wouldn't have gone on to help save the world from Father.

  5. Supreme KING on

    6 years later and I'm still as mad about Light. He basically won,he was a God,he managed to trick and kill L,he could've continued on killing but noo a little kid Near shows up and ticks him off and he feels like he needs to battle him and prove himself and thought of winning but got killed instead. If he never even agreed to meet up with Near if he continued doing what he did,killing, he would've stayed alive because there was no way of Near finding out who he was if he never showed up.

  6. Reaper of Things on

    Aizen not killing Ichigo when he had the chance, Gin Ichimaru not killing Aizen before he absorbed the Hogyoku, pretty much any antagonist that let their enemy survive when they could have won, Black Zetsu for ever existing, anyone that fought they could beat a guy called "One Punch Man"
    Already my list makes incredible sense

  7. mysteriousgamer89 on

    even if light hadn't said "i win" he would've gotten caught regardless cuz his name wasn't on the fake notebook so they would've known anyway. if anything it was mikime that fucked up by going to the bank twice. had he not done that light would've won.


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