Top 10 Anime Battle Royales


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  1. Jonathan S. on

    Zatch Bell doesn't even get an honorable mention? You have 100 characters fighting to become king and friends have to get killed on purpose sometimes. The anime may have been rather annoying at times since so much content got dropped but it was still reasonably good.

  2. LeiFlux07 on

    Saw Future Diary for the first time over the last couple of days (including Redial). Was a random watch on a whim, really loved it.

    I feel so, so sorry for Yuno, all versions of her. Such a tragic character, she did not deserve what she had to deal with. I'm so glad that Ver 3 (arguably the combo of 1 and 3) got the happy ending she so rightly deserved.

  3. Karl Dela Cruz on

    please, as much as i respect the db franchise, the fate series really should've been first. the whole premise behind every fate show is a battle royal and a battle royal done well. the only reason db is first on this list is because it's more popular

  4. Inkplicity ™ on

    Wait did he just say there was no way to tell who was dying next in zodiac wars? They literally have a back story of the character right before they died every time a character was about to die…

  5. terraingirl on

    I went and looked up Juni Taisen because of this countdown. Thank goodness Funimation had it, very sad to see it was only one season but what a season it was. Ending was kinda disappointing. Good quick show to watch though.


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