Top 10 Amazing Fan Made Video Game Movies


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  1. D_dub on

    The resemblance of Nathan Fillion to Nathan Drake is uncanny. I actually don’t think could be a better act to fill those boots in terms of appearance. I’d never heard of Fillion until now, but it would be pretty gutting for him not to nab the role after all this investment.

  2. BenGamin on

    The problem with the people behind movies based on video games is because they obviously do not know anything about video games and even if they truely were chances are white collars will force changes down their throats believing what they change will appeal to a wider audience rather than just the fanbase. I mean yeah i know you have to change things but…seriously whatever happened to research? Do they just look at a random video game say..Tekken for example. Looked at it, played as some of the characters and go "Yes! Make a movie out of this! Ok this guy Jin is the main guy right? And this is his father Kazuya and his grandfather Heihachi right? And he hates them both? That's all we need to know! Screw looking into their backstories that's all the fan needs! Devil Gene? PFFT what the fuck is that? Too unrealistic for a martial arts movie! Ok now choose that Blade looking guy, that wierd sword samurai looking guy , that soldier guy who looks like Maryln Mason and and other charactres on here. Oh don't ask why but make you sure have that boxer guy, the spanish guy and Kazuya to look NOTHING like their game counterparts. The fans will understand!"

  3. Aurrakem Evanlistear on

    I saw a Left for Dead fan film a couple years back. I'm a little surprised that it didn't make the list, but truth be told, the survivors weren't really great for the acting. Granted it wasn't any of the video game characters.

  4. Cru Sade on

    Im sorry but i have to disagree with some of the comments here. Just because his name is nathan fillion that does not automatically make him nathan drake. His performance in this movie was not as convincing as the drake that i know and admire in the video game series. For starters he is too old and second he may look like him but he does not have the same charisma and charm personality to match it. The only person i can think of as a right suitable actor for this role is Chris Pratt, sure others may bitch and say he does not look like him and bla bla bla. Well guess what id rather see Chris Pratt than Nathan “firefly” Fillion do the job.


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