100 comments on “THIS WAS REVOLUTIONARY BACK THEN | Metal Gear Solid – Part 1

  1. Konato on

    This honestly is so interesting to me, because i've never seen the first game at ALL (I wasn't really born in the 90s and I never really had game consoles in my childhood) so I love to see Jack be so nostalgic while also seeing how the game is myself

  2. Chet McGovern on

    I have played this game a lot. I got it originally on a demo disk and loved the shit out of it and had to go actually buy it. Or rather bug my parents to go get it for me. I got this and Xenogears for Christmas.

  3. soulcash on

    One of my favourite games ever, played it back in the day. Good old times. David Hayter as Snakes voice ftw!
    Edit: I haven't watched the whole video yet but here's a quick tip if you forgot: In a fight, keep the rations equipped because if your health drops to zero they will automatically fully heal you.

  4. Sethemiah on

    i would love to see you try "knights of the sky" on dos. it takes patience, but the fights can be pretty epic. pulling an immelman, and taking down the red baron…

  5. Madisyn Golab on

    He's playing Metal Gear Solid….mkay…. not even a full minute into the video while I'm busy doing something, and he mentions Tekken(Not just the third one, I like ALL of them) and my head shot up so fast I practically gave myself whiplash
    Edit: That reminds me, if you wanna play some old games for that nostalgia feel, I'd recommend literally any Tekken game and literally any Devil May Cry game EXCEPT for DMC: Devil May Cry because that completely destroyed everything that Devil May Cry had built as a story

  6. Nikki Lyka on

    Oh my sweet nostalgic heart. I've been away from Youtube and my computer over the holidays because of surgery and this is the BEST thing to catch up on. That Playstation start-up sound and the MGS sounds…ahhhh. This makes me feel old and so damn happy.

  7. digitalized _id4 on

    I was born in 02 but this game was the only game I had growing that I actually owned cuz my brother had a ps1 all the other games I grew up were my friends up the street. Nostalgia trip here I come


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