The Quantum Theory that Connects the Entire Universe


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Quantum mechanics is weird and seems a bit…complicated. But understanding it can help us to understand the universe.

Hosted by: Hank Green

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100 comments on “The Quantum Theory that Connects the Entire Universe

  1. Rainbow of Boxes on

    Research 1. "the double slit experiment (observer effect)" as well as 2. "reality is a simulation"…
    … that research along with this video should help you understand quantum mechanics.
    We all are literally creating the world around us with our thoughts and intentions 🙂

  2. Johnathan Archer on

    Sooo pilot wave theory violates locality. That’s bad. But the Copenhagen theory violates the law on non-contradiction, which is the law that all logical principles are based on, that reason is based on, and really all human thought is based on.
    Science is based on reason to a degree as well, just in a different order. I’m not a physicist, but I’ve never understood how anyone could’ve accepted superposition. I’m glad someone didn’t, and made pilot-wave theory

  3. Scott Smith on

    Wouldn't the pilot wave have started at the big bang, when everything was right next to each other? So if you had the information from that point, you would not be breaking locality…. Everything would be predetrmind.

  4. Thessalin on

    Pilot Wave Theory: You have absolute no free will and everything in the universe has been only an unchangeable chain of events to today. If you stubbed your toe, it's because THE UNIVERSE WANTED YOU TO! Welcome to the nightmare of the real. MUAHAHAHAHA!

  5. Galen Richter on

    i think the Copenhagen interpretation is probably better for our sanity overall. with it, the universe (and yourself as part of that universe), are probabilistic, not deterministic, which means we do (in a lose sense) have free will

  6. Lazy Perfectionist on

    "Einstein worked out that the Universe's speed limit is the speed of light."
    What if we have an object in one direction from us that is moving away at 0.9 times the speed of light relative to us, and another object in the exact opposite direction moving away at 0.9 times the speed of light relative to us? Does this mean that these two objects are moving away from each other at 1.8 times the speed of light?

  7. Michael Heliotis on

    This uninitiated pleb thinks that pilot wave theory sounds way more sensible than Copenhagen. And to be honest I don't see how proponents of the latter are more comfortable with "spooky action at a distance" than they are with the notion that everything is connected. The Stoics have been saying that's the case for centuries, as have basically all religions in one way or another. Maybe that's why pilot wave theory gets so much hate.

  8. Chris Forsyth on

    Everyone jumping on the Schrödinger bandwagon, and no-one pointing out the pretty-good "de Broglie"? Come on, you german pronunciation… hm. 'Pedants', I guess, is the safe one, here.

  9. Fernando Falci on

    How to prove that a particle can be in a superposition? What if the particle was always in a specific position/spinning direction and the way we observe the particle affects its position/spinning direction?

  10. Micahisadinosaur on

    Something weird just occurred to me so I thought I'd ask. If the universe's speed limit is the speed of light then how does, say, a black hole keep light in? Surely its sucking things down faster than the speed of light in order to stay black. Idk I'm probably just not understanding or forgetting a simple concept about black holes but I am curious.

  11. Aeron L on

    How can you test something without observing it the whole time? Isn’t that like looking away and then looking back at it? How is that an experiment? I’m so confused haha

  12. Aeron L on

    What if the wave is just really big? The wave doesn’t necessarily have to be moving between the particles, it could already be there, between them and containing them ? Like, the local is just expanded

  13. WfB.Subtraktor on

    what bothers me is this: isnt the cat observing the decay? As long as the cat stays alive it perceives itself being alive, so it perceives the effect of the atom decaying or not. Also the sensor measures radioactive decay, therefore arguably it observes the atom…
    how is noone recognizing this obvious flaw. Humans are so dumb 🤦‍♂️

  14. insertnamehere001 on

    It's funny, but if God did exist they would connect those two theories together, for they would be an observer (meaning superposition still exists) and explain why particles can react with each other faster than the speed of light (since they were observed faster than the speed of light).

  15. AlabasterJazz on

    Perhaps there are higher dimensional pathways that information can travel on that appear instantaneous compared to our standard observable 3rd dimensional motion. Quantum entanglement might be a crude yet observable instance of information travelling in a higher spacial dimension

  16. Fuseteam on

    according to actionlab superposition is "not here nor there nor everywhere nor nowhere" in other words its not in state A nor in state B nor in both state A and state B nor in neither state A and state B…………….
    how does that compare with quantum interpretations out there?

  17. May Awbin on

    I don't understand why the locality is broken x)
    If a particle is influencing an other, it's through a signal in the wave travelling at the speed of light, isn't it ?


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