The Most Relaxing Ice Bath EVER


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  1. Rik Slendebroek on

    I love the fact that Tyler picks up a bit of ice halfway through the stream and starts scratching with it over his arm. Like my arm itches but just scratching is too mainstream. Oh wait there's a bit of ice! xD

  2. Dante80 on

    Dear Mark, Ethan, Tyler, and crew,
    This video may have occurred two months ago, but I just wanted to thank you guys so much for what you have done, and for what you are doing now. To be honest, this has inspired me to help others as well, but for now, until I can learn to operate a proper YouTube set up, I can't do much of anything. I can only help my best friends – my siblings – and my friends through their difficult moments in life. Literally the day before this video stream, I had moved out of my parents' house. I appeared to have turned my back on my family, but in reality, I believe that I have healed the wounds between the two families; my grandparents and my dad. When my siblings come over to spend the night, I ask them how their lives are. if they say that they have an issue, I would sit down and talk to them to work the problem out in the best possible way. After that, I would talk to my dad about it, but taking neither side on it, just giving my opinion. With my friends, they usually talk about how their parents are fighting and how they are losing family through death and divorce. When I listen to their problems, they say that no one will listen to them. I then give them a hug and tell them to look at their contact list. At first, they thought I was going to give them a number of someone they could talk to, but I told them that they have people to talk to. All they had to do was look at their list and pick. Friends look out for each other, but true friends are there for you without the touch of a button. That is what I have raised myself on; to help others through difficult moments in their lives, friend or foe. I do not care if people judge me for taking the time to make a sob story (if they see it that way, idk if they will). I am only posting this to show you guys (and girls) that you are making a difference in the hearts of many young adults and adults as well. Thanks to you all, I have now committed myself to work hard to help my community in any way that I can (even if the quality of my vids suck lol). Again, thank you all so much for giving so many children a life-changing experience (shout out to the anonymous donor of $200,000, thank you so much). Keep on what you are doing guys. We, the community and children that you have helped, love you all.
    – Dante80

  3. Reserved At Copywright on

    I really really wish I could have donated for this, but I hadn't had time to watch this stream when it was playing, nor do I have much money of my own. I really wish I could've helped y'all. You help me forget the problems in my life, you help turn my long hurting days into shot and joyous. I am years late to your channel so I cant consider myself a "huge fan" especially since there are so many other people who are so wonderful and amazing in this community. But I truly love you guys so much, and I look up to you. seeing how amazing you are and how much you give even though half the time it wont give you much, if anything back.
    If I could Id donate now but I'm still at a lack of money, being a high school student without a job. I'm so sorry I couldn't help. Just know Ill always be in the moral support corner till I can support your charities!!! <3<3<3<3

  4. Valen Dreugh on

    Apologizing for your donation is kind of like an insult to those that need it and the others that have donated similar or less amounts of money. I'm fully aware it's not meant to be, but people shouldn't belittle it that much, especially since it will discourage others. Someone donating $20 and saying "sorry it's not much" is a real bummer to the person that was considering donating $1, because if $20 isn't much then their small donation is worthless. But we all know that's not really the case.

  5. Audrey Edmunds on

    Trust me I would donate money to this charity, if I had the money. I really would, you can hold me to that. You guys are so helpful to all of the children who don't have what they want to have in life. Thank you so much for doing all of these charity's for all of these children. I love you, Mark, Ethan, and Tyler. Thank you guys!!!! ❤

  6. Dodger99 on

    Its hilarious that one person had "WRITE ME DOWN PLEASE" in the name they used to donate and kept on donating $20 thinking that they would get written down on one of them

  7. Matt Man Productions on

    you guys have no more balls hahahaha! they probably went back up from where they came from! you know i would love to be a part of your charity live streams. even tho i am in colorado i would love to be a part some how.
    Long story short, as a kid i was a very poor kid, i was alone on the streets from since age 7, stealing food from the 7-11 that was down the street from where i was. mother was to busy and never took care of me and and until age of 15 when i could work i had to lie about my age and had someone that helped me forge a document for me to get my workers permit, mine was a SEVERE case and wasn't due to getting medical but when it comes to helping kids of any age i feels that this is a start to help kids get what they need, so if there is some how i can help out i would love to help out some how or some way.
    so keep up the great work for everything you do to get kids help.

  8. •BigtimeFirebug • on

    Whoever dislikes this video is dumb because they are raising money for children and that’s amazing because people care for young children and they have been doing this for soooooooooo looooooooong, so scree whoever dislikes this video is an idiot. Love you mark and the crew!!!!❤️❤️❤️

  9. Kurachi84 on

    was nice to see some more personal stuff like names and such…. and these 3 guys being icy
    such nice things they do for a charity
    i never believed in charities, but i hope with all my heart i was wrong about it


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