The Bedroom GAMING Setup – Samsung N650 Panoramic Soundbar Showcase


100 comments on “The Bedroom GAMING Setup – Samsung N650 Panoramic Soundbar Showcase

  1. Marce Z on

    Linus should just test out some crazy setups like, ceiling mounting a laser projector to lie flat on your back and have a tv on the ceiling or something stupid and crazy like that

  2. Norman Rood on

    LOL yall are late to the party. Ive been PC gaming in bed for years lmfao. All you need is a small piece of thin plywood. Sand it as smooth as you can and put an oil based stain on it (helps smooth it more and keeps it longer) VIOLA gaming in bed. lol

  3. ElMariachi on

    After years of design changes that industry forced on us, media equipment is starting to look like in the 80s again. Only much cheaper.
    Btw: A TV in the bedroom really is a very unhealty thing to do. It makes your sleep way less relaxing, because you mess up your sleep hygiene.

  4. Liam Johnson on

    Says Killer Instinct is the 'poor mans Mortal Kombat' seemingly unaware that Rare invented the 2D3D beat em up concept years before Mortal Kombat switched to it. The arcade Killer Instinct is/was a legendary game and held it's own ground at the time.


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