The $100,000 PC LIVES!


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  1. Matt Murray on

    You know as much as the kid can be annoying at times, he at least knows some stuff and works well off Linus. He lacks professionalism on video but for build projects like this that’s not a huge issue the guy is alright.

  2. Tyler Wolfrom on

    So yes I thought Jake was annoying during the server rebuild videos but I was also pretty impressed at how capable Jake is. Linus may roll with a band of misfit toys but you can't help but hand it to them all for being able to handle the work flow.

  3. Reggie Wright on

    I honestly didn't think that so many people didn't like jake. Sure he's immature at times but i find it funny and refreshing. I kinda feel bad for the guy with all the flack he seems to get

  4. 毛伸 on

    I think you probably can use RTX 20 cards to ensure the usb is ok, because there is one type-c port on the RTX card and this type-c can be used for normal usb devices.

  5. [TEST] SmallDisturbedChild on

    SF8088 would also allow you to connect a DAS, as I'm guessing it has an onboard RAID/SAS controller. I currently have an MD1200 hooked up to an R820 utilizing an LSI HBA, it runs in IT mode for JBOD so all the disk can be handled by a FreeNAS VM.

  6. Jamal Taylor on

    Tyan! OMG. So many damned memories! S1563D & S154D Tomcat III & Tomcat IV dual socket board were my first (and honestly most enjoyable) SMP builds back in the day. Dual booting DOS and WIndows NT 4. 8 SIMM Slots! Good times.

    The S1590 and currently S1598 were my gaming mainstays with the K6/2 chips. The S1598 is still going with an E6000 paired with a pair of Vodoo 2 8MB cars in SLI, a PDPI game card (the best gameport card you could get) an SB16 with a Yamaha DB50XG MIDI daughterboard, 32x CD-ROM (Samsung I think), Intel NIC… (I did have to replace the 4GB WD hard drive for a PATA SSD a couple years ago because the drive finally gave up the ghost.) I remember having to find a DOS util that would shut down the system when I went to an ATX board so I didn't need to reach for the power button. Oh, and the CPU cooler is an Alpha Novatech PAL8045. housed in a Antec SX630, with a Seasonic PSU now, but was a PC Power & Cooling Silencer 400, because rail stability, and everything else was inferior back then even if it was quieter. And yes, I rattled all that off from memory.

    Later builds included the S1830 for Slot1 goodness, then a used S1832DL that I eventually upgraded with a pair of 1GHx Slot 1 Pentium 3s.

    Then basically all the 'budget' multisocket/muiltislot stuff went away, and AMD's time in the sun with Socket A, and things weren't quite boring yet, but it wasn't quite the same challenge.

    Oh, and the Tyrian 2000 reference with the Carrot ship. Sweet.

    And the video's pretty cool.


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