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  1. LaskiRaski on

    The T 1 billion may be the good guy what if she needs to die and humans sent it back in time to kill her, and the human/terminator was sent to make sure it dosnt happen as the only human/terminators are shown to be made by skynet.

  2. Mark Winters on

    It's the same thing done with STAR WARS. 30 years of books, comics, video games. Nothing exists anymore except the 6 films 1 through 6. Now there saying terminator 3 through 5 don't exist. DISNEY owns 20th century fox. DISNEY is killing everything it touches.

  3. Factual Fox on

    They only made this terminator a short-haired dyke lesbian toxic feminist looking model because it was the BEST way it could blend in with modern society without getting noticed!

  4. Zeke631 on

    Now I'm getting nostalgic and want to watch the classic first two movies over again. Not really hyped about this but I will watch it if nothing else to do the day it is released.

  5. default013 on

    12:17 is an illegal immigrant detention center in the US. 15:40 is an illegal immigrant caravan hitching a ride on a freight train. Movie is going to start after T2, with another terminator coming to kill John Connor and another T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) coming to defend them, except this time Skynet will be successful in assassinating John Connor, thus changing the timeline and explaining why the new Kyle Reese character (Grace) doesn't know who Sarah Connor is. This also explains the film's title; "Dark Fate". Dani Ramos is the new Sarah Connor ("I used to be her") but she lives in Mexico. First fight likely takes place with Dani Ramos being detained by border patrol while illegally crossing the US border, having previously been a part of the caravan riding the freight train. At this point the new terminator hones in on her but Grace comes to save her. They escape and eventually Sarah Connor (having seen the news) will catch up with them. Sarah will lead the group to the elderly T-800 who is still alive from much earlier when he lost the battle to save John Connor. They battle it out, win and now the rebooted series can stand on it's own (again).

  6. Daniel Justin on

    I don't understand with "It's being made by James Cameron therefore this movie will be good!"

    The only masterpiece he made is Terminator 1 and Terminator 2. I still have no idea why you guys defend this shitty movie.

  7. xXdrake_oneXx on

    I personally think they changed the rules on this one…so all bets off…I think this one will be about obviously future war, but the chosen human for the resistance will no longer be centered around John Connor? It will be alternate, same with Ahnold, I dont think he is gonna be a Terminator in this movie, since in T3 they showed the human that they based him off of, which of course was himself Arnie…It was on the deleted scenes in T3…This is straight crazy, I agree, this is like all the movies after T2 mixed into 1…Tho I still like Salvation and thought it was a nice sequel that took the Terminator/Connor and Marcus (Cyberdyne Origins) ? Story further and where it needed to go…(Plus the Terminators were retro looking, and they included the rubber faced ones, as described in Terminator 89 by Kyle Reese…Which if we would of had a MCG Trilogy, he was gonna introduce the plasma guns also described in Terminator 1, which is how humans were able to kill Terminators not with metal bullets, as shown in flashbacks..) But here we go, another reboot and canon…

  8. Sir Itchyballs on

    Of course these SJW soy boy cucks like the look of the film it’s a female only film with a likely old and weak legend and the new terminator being called the Evil narcissist sexist racist manpig9000

  9. Loka on

    The T-800 series being based off a real human is canon isn't it? I think it was a added feature on the T2 Blu-ray that had Arnold as a army Colonel showing off an early prototype of the terminator series and remarking it had his face.

  10. xXdrake_oneXx on

    Terminator:Alternate Timeline Director Reboot Genesys Hasta La Vista Edition! One Director made Thor (Genesys) and it didnt work, now Deadpool Director? Tim Miller? John Mostow (T3) oops I forgot to include terminators in the actual movie…WHat was wrong with MCG's vision? Sure it was a little over the top, but it was the Future War all fans have been waiting for!! For 6 films! T1, T2 and Salvation should be canon…But whatevs, how many times do we need terminator 1 redun? how many times do we need a big ridiculous truck chase scene? (t2) Diesel Truck, Crane, School Bus? Diesel Truck…Future War..We need a sequel to Salvation that explains how humanity defeated and destroyed Skynet…They uncovered a signal that could be manipulated to disrupt the machines…They fought a few Arnie T101s and destroyed them, Termcapited…Now what??? Terminator Halloween 2018!! Starring Jamie Lee and 2 other females that didnt bring enough acting chops to the table…

  11. Mercy Knight on

    also you accuse the hispanic villian of being dressed like he does construction… thats racist… just because he is hispanic doesnt mean he does construction…. maybe he likes flannel shirts cause reasons?

  12. feim sh on

    Sarah seems surprised to see the t-800 in there, he must be there as an unexpected backup… I think there is a plot that will make it a good movie.

  13. Tweezy F Baby on

    This makes no-sense! I hate time travel shenanigans.. Sarah Connor been dead why they keep calling her Sarah Connor. If the writers wrote sarah back to life ima stab someone. And why is Arnold's beard grey Terminators dont age. This movie sucks already!

  14. Tappa Tappa on

    That LGBT-1000 is out there! It can't be bargained with. 
    It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear! And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you accept the feminist agenda !


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