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  1. Shiela Marie Peji on

    Well, It's impossible for me to choose whether Country Taylor or Pop Taylor, I just love both. She does everything with passion and she is just so talented and poetic. I love all of her songs whether pop or country. Her songs are really into my taste and liking. I think I'll be Swiftie forever 😀

  2. Karen Fahel on

    I have 2 Tay memories. First: My older daughter became a Swiftie at the age of 5; at 6, she wrote Taylor a birthday letter that year. On a lark, I included a regular-sized self-addressed envelope. A few months later, the envelope came back, filled with a letter! While the letter itself was a computer-generated form letter (although extremely Taylor-esque in its wording), across the top was a hand-written note! My daughter's reaction: "SHE SPELLED MY NAME RIGHT!!!" She still has the letter. Second: Taylor's albums always come out right around our girl's birthday. For her 8th birthday, we pre-ordered "Speak Now". Two days before her birthday my husband ended up in ICU: he had an infection that went septic & he almost died. Our girl opened her presents in the ICU room (the nurses brought popsicles for her & her little sister), and there was "Speak Now". She let my husband borrow it to listen to in his room that night; when she brought it home…first, a little background. Both of the girls were scared about their Daddy so they slept with me every night until he got home, and we would have music playing to go to sleep to. So, anyway, when she brought it home, that's what we listened to every night until he got home. The funny thing is, not only did I not get sick of it, but to date, "Speak Now" is STILL my favorite Taylor album, followed by "1989". Oh, and at 15, she is STILL a big Swiftie.

  3. Zack F on

    I remember watching a epsiode of HBO's Ballers and The Rock "Dwayne Johnson" jamming out to shake it off when it came on in his car during the episode and i knew from that point on Taylor swift is the best of the best

  4. riley glenn on

    This top 10 is so generic lol…

    1. Enchanted
    2. All too well
    3. The story of us
    4. Blank space
    5. Love story
    6. You belong with me
    7. Clean
    8. I knew you were trouble
    9. Getaway car
    10. Our song

  5. Maren dela Rosa on

    seriously one of the few artists today that actually evolves. she doesn't do the same thing twice. every album is different from the other. so versatile and consistent songwriting skills. add the fact that she's an amazing musician, being able to play several instruments, and she's so down to earth. she loves her fans so much and the intimacy she created with the swifties is what makes us stay with her throughout all the bullshit she went through. we're not staying with her because she's successful and beautiful, but because she loves us back. we can actually feel it. no artist could ever compare for me. such an inspiration and a role model for young kids out there like she did with me when i was 11. i'm 21 now and i know i will continue to be with her til she decides to just write songs and not perform. i love her!!!!!!

  6. Eugene Tangonan Jr. on

    Red was the 6th single off of Red (album). Correction: When 1989 sold 1.287 million copies in its first week, Taylor became the 1st artist to sell 3 albums with 1 million selling week: Speak Now sold 1.05 million, Red sold 1.207 million. And when she released reputation, it sold 1.238 million copies, she broke that record of herself and became the 1st artist to have 4 million selling weeks for a studio albums. Taylor is really that powerful.

  7. Luke Brennan on

    She writes fabulous lyrics and does a brilliant concert. Intelligent, good looking, business savvy. Jealous people will create something to hate, rather than acknowledge that she's performing to jam-packed stadiums to something close to 3 million people this year and revenue that should top $350,000,000. That is success, in anybody's language.

  8. Jeremy Dove on

    In the story part when 1989 sold over a million copies in its first week it was actually the third time Swift did it because Speak Now also sold just a little over a million copies in its first week she would repeat that feat again with Reputation last year being her 4th album to do so with over 1.2 million sold in the first week

  9. Jeremy Dove on

    Honestly this “story and the songs” series is just honestly lazy because it’s two old videos put together it’s probably ok for legends like the Beatles, Michael Jackson & Madonna and artists that haven’t been in the spotlight as much over the years like maybe Nelly or Britney Spears or Avril Lavigne or Kesha (I know she released Rainbow last year but it still counts) but for current dominating artists like Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga or Bruno Mars this format doesn’t work even with the added “trivia and commentary” there needs to be like an updated section made after the bio in the story part and not a vague “he/she broke more records and became even bigger” crap like actually give some details like for example you only briefly mentioned reputation you never talked about her life between 1989 and Rep or the success of LWYMMD and her album Reputation it was just vague so there’s that and I really think a whole new top 10 list should be done for these videos because for example none of the Taylor swift’s songs post-Style was mentioned in the songs part I believe you had another top 10 Taylor Swift songs list (outside of the underrated list) so why not combine the two and make one list it only makes sense to update on what they are doing currently

  10. Wael Ghandour on

    7:49: first female solo artist to have THREE albums sell over one million copies in their first week; not two, THREE (Speak Now also sold over a million copies first week).
    Get the info straight, Mojo.


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