Sorry, Razer… I’m not switching


100 comments on “Sorry, Razer… I’m not switching

  1. Ihh! Bugou on

    Don't know in Windows. But in Linux you can entirely disable the dedicated chip. Saving the power that it uses.

    I have a Dell laptop with the same graphics chip and I can get more mileage than the manufacturer advertise by just disabling it.

    Since I have a gaming laptop and I couldn't find a good laptop without a dedicated graphics chip it's just disabled.

  2. sloppy Joe on

    If the main complaint (from my understanding of the video) is the dedicated gpu being not good enough for AAA gaming and too power hungry for an ultraportabls why not get the base model. The only compromise there is the drop down to 8 gigs of RAM. The price is where I'm concerned most imo

  3. Rockman on

    No white girl?! K.
    Also, razer has too add all the stupid crap or their product or they wont get discount from intel, or nvidia, or screen company.. Thats why.

  4. Sam Shady on

    I think every tuber should stop doing that "if you this and that like, dislike, subscribe or don't" -shit. It's pretty self-explanatory already as it is and kind of gives the expression that your fanbase is full of idiots or something..

  5. Jstew Productions on

    For me this is a part laptop and absolutely love it everything you hated about to doesn't bother me. I didn't want Touch screen nor do I use the right shift ever. I have had nothing but an amazing experience with my 2019 Stealth and look forward to using it for years to come.

  6. Jimmy on

    Want a nice "MacBook-level" quality Windows ultrabook with 3:2, touchscreen and no igpu for around $1000? Check out the i5 model Mate book X. That should be a comparison to this model. It is WAY cheaper and I would choose it over this and the Surface all day. This is coming from a 2018 Blade 15 owner.


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