SCARRED FOR LIFE | Unforgiving: A Northern Hymn – Part 2


100 comments on “SCARRED FOR LIFE | Unforgiving: A Northern Hymn – Part 2

  1. Michi Chiharu on

    Mark: do I have a flashlight

    Why didn't the girl check if there was one from his brother corpse

    Finds the matches

    Me: not better than flashlight

    Wait but the flashlight will probably ran out soon because batteries

  2. Michi Chiharu on

    Demon lady: you will never take him away from me
    The drawing: she wants to keep me
    drawing: He comes at night
    drawing:Mommy's crying
    Drawing: mommy doesn't believe me but I saw him

  3. bourgeoisHellion on

    So, I watched the outlast whistleblower playthrough before this. Mark blurred out the messed up birth scene, of course, but I honestly stomached that way better than watching Lukas grunt and struggle to breath under the rocks 🙁
    Even watching his sister take is dead body's tongue and eyeball was easier than that shit.

  4. Alex Autumns on

    Hey, so, that wooping tell is called a kulning. It's a sort of traditional call. They can be used to call in animals/flocks/cattle, call to people across fields, etc. They super pretty! If you want to see one, look up kulning calls; swan. It's a really cool tradition!!


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