Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg Monologue – 2019 Golden Globes (Highlight)


Hosts Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg open the show by “roasting” the nominees and more at the 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards.
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Sandra Oh, star of the critically acclaimed BBC America drama series “Killing Eve,” and Andy Samberg, star of NBC’s Golden Globe-winning comedy “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” will take center stage at The Beverly Hilton as co-hosts of the star-studded 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards, celebrating the very best in television and film. The popular three-hour ceremony serves as the official kickoff to awards season.

Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg Monologue – 2019 Golden Globes (Highlight)

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100 comments on “Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg Monologue – 2019 Golden Globes (Highlight)

  1. Soham Paria on

    everyone saying this is awful…well r/ sambergs roast(anti-roast) for some context..this was comedically brilliant..albeit admittedly not everyone's cup of tea tho.

  2. Andrew Tilley on

    Definitely awkward, but kind of refreshingly different from the normal format these award shows have turned into. I think the deliveries could have been rehearsed more or delivered smoother at times but I enjoyed how instead of throwing burns (and I do enjoy good roasts sometimes), they chose to play with what has become typical with Gervais and Chris Rock and others just throwing shade at everyone. Andy Samberg is very capable of doing that kind of speech and delivery but he or the producers of the show chose to try to be different and do the unexpected. It may not be the favorite by all but variety is good, as was the point of the end of Sandra's speech.

  3. msinarath on

    Can we get amy and Tina back? Or john mulaney and nick kroll? They did a great hosting the independent spirit awards the last 2 years. I love Andy and sandra, but this was…hard to watch…

  4. Dustin J on

    Jim Carrey is celebrated because he hates Trump. Truth is he's a huge scumbag. Had an affair with a young girl, gave her an STD, then dumped her and she committed suicide. He offered to pay for her funeral, but never did.

  5. IRON60 BITCH on

    The couture gowns have been fitted, red-carpet poses rehearsed and breathless, self-congratulatory acceptance speeches perfected with their requisite sprinkles of faux sincerity.

    There’s just one last box for nominees to tick at the 72nd annual Golden Globes: Did the check clear?

    There is a reason, after all, why some have nicknamed the ceremony “The Golden Bribes.”

    “The Globes have always been the black sheep of the awards industry, and its credibility is pretty questionable,” one Hollywood executive, who spoke on condition of anonymity, tells The Post.

  6. Samantha O on

    It’s really triggering me that people don’t realize they were purposefully being PC to poke fun on how sensitive people can be. They were being overly nice on purpose. That being said it wasn’t the greatest monologue but it wasn’t bad either.

  7. Randy Rogan on

    They stood still and did nothing funny. People are saying they need to insult people. That’s not the case, it would be funny. But they stood in one spot read off the monitor and did nothing else. You’re trained actors, memorize your lines and be creative.


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