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    QUESTION! Your walking home late one night and hear a squeal from a nearby alleyway. You've been in the booza for about 14 hours and it's 1pm so it's getting dark, but your feel curious. In the alley you find a dead pigeon cut in half on the floor. Suddenly the door next to you bursts open and a homeless man stumbles out holding a cucumber in one hand and a used sanitary towel in the other. After swallowing the cucumber whole and sniffing a line of talcum powder off the sanitary towel he moves towards you picking the pigeon carcass up in his hand. With his other hand he cups your balls, but before he can finish his sentence in ancient Latin the pigeon re-animated and jumps into his mouth choking him. At this point you realise somethings not right. So u leave. Your father then rings you and asks "did you enjoy that son?" What do you say to him???


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