Official Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update Announce Trailer


Get your first sighting of the flood of new content coming to Sea of Thieves. The free Anniversary Update arrives on April 30th! Visit the official game site at

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100 comments on “Official Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update Announce Trailer

  1. Синяя Панда on

    Также делаю обзоры на ремонты от мелких фонариков шуруповертов до ноутбуков, инструмент ссср, инструмент jakemy yaxun и тд, компануд bga инструменты аксессуары итд, микроскопы микромир новые ролики, наушники битс сенхаузер beats sennheiser in my channel прослушивание и многое другое на моем канале посмотри пожалуйста спасибо за внимание )))))))))

  2. DCM -[Some Potential]- on

    I’m so ready for this to happen. The constellations really got me as that is something very intriguing. The collapsing masts when shooting one of them will be epic. I also want to know too, well the Molten Sands Fort in Devil’s Roar be active and ready to fight in the update as well?

  3. Jason Todd on

    This is the only game to never change vibes. It always feels slow and calm, then all he'll breaks loose. And you always end one of two ways, laughing about what you just pulled off. Or disappointed about what some players just did to you. Never fails, and I love it


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