Meet the JrMojo Crew!


100 comments on “Meet the JrMojo Crew!

  1. Chillz on

    Watchmojo hires them for child abuse and apparently child slavery, I want to save these children can someone copy and paste Saint Jude’s Hospital number as a reply to this comment, don’t do it for me, do it for these poor innocent children.

  2. The Scandinavian on

    WatchMojo- What our fans think that making a kids channel with some of the most basic things as content on it that every adult and most teens already knew with a bunch of kids that need to at school instead of on a channel that their parents are probably forcing them to do, I'll have to think of something to do to fix this problem? I have a great idea we should make a video reading "mean comments" and insult them, that will fix it.

    The Fans- unsubscribe

    (BTW I unsubscribed & disliked)


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