LET ME GO! | Resident Evil 2 – Part 2


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  1. Michal3572 on

    I am having quite the dilemma right now. I was SO! loking forward to this (after I did my research and realized how much of an asshole I was) and since I did not pay to much attention to this game (my bad, I thought it will be only remaster not complete remake – that is why I did not even bother to look at some trailers and stuff) I missed the pre-orders (I felt for those steelbooks so I had to have this one and since it was all sold out I was like "screw it I will just watch this from Markiplier". But then I looked at eBay and there was one sealed for almost the same price as it was in pre-orders so now I wanna watch it but since I will be playing it on my own I do not want to watch because then why would I play it, right?

  2. ryanizer11 on

    The three herd is the best since it heals full health and the other effects Jack ended up using mainly the greens alone and ended up with a massive amount of blue and red at the end (mainly red)

  3. Monkey- Man on

    Mark of course she's more dangerous then the monster because she can make the virus that makes the monsters so no matter how many monster you kill she could just make more like the saying goes the one who makes the weapon is far more dangerous then the actual weapon because no matter how many of them you destroy they can always make more


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