Laine Hardy Wins American Idol 2019 and Performs New Song “Flame” – American Idol 2019 Finale


100 comments on “Laine Hardy Wins American Idol 2019 and Performs New Song “Flame” – American Idol 2019 Finale

  1. Kate McKinney on

    here’s the tea: almost all winners are overshadowed by the people they beat. just look at maddie poppe and gabby barrett… gabby already is doing great in the country scene!

  2. Makers Mike on

    Most of the voters for this are teenage girls and they usually vote for who they think is the cutest, not the most talented. Alejandro has plenty of fan girls, but not quite like Laine. We all know who the most talented musically is and I look forward to watching Alejandro's career. To me he's a true artist, and Laine Hardy is someone you might see at your local casino playing covers.

  3. Ms. Ihavuh Question on

    Laine so didn't deserve to win. A lot of peeps chose him cause he looks really good, but it's not about the looks, it's about the talent and voice. Alejandro so deserved to win. He is much better, and even the judges didn't look that happy. Yo peeps! Y did u chose Laine? Yo guys no nothing. GEEZ

  4. Zhongyuan Tao on

    No soul and passion in this man's voice, just like reading out the lyrics. His 'Bring It Home To Me' in the finals is even more robotic. Alejandro reveals way more emotion. Good looking guy for sure, but that's it.

  5. Rosita De Guzman on

    Stop the hate guys! They all deserved to win at the first place, it's just it's Laine's time at this very moment. Just support your idol but don't bash someone it's not healthy, and just look how they support each other, they're happy anyway. 😊

  6. Philip Erickson on

    Alejandro God is with you the best thing that ever happened was you not winning … in fact the winning song or should I say the celebration song was an imbarsment to talent…


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