Kingston DDR3 RAM Memory Installation Guide Frequency Timings Voltage Settings Linus Tech Tips


100 comments on “Kingston DDR3 RAM Memory Installation Guide Frequency Timings Voltage Settings Linus Tech Tips

  1. Iván Torres on

    Thanks for the video.  It helped to guide me in manual configuration.  You could go a bit slower, in particular on your clicking and dismissing warnings and messages.  People who are not familiar with the process are very interested in anything that comes up.  We don't know if it's trivial or important, unless you tell us or at least give us time to read the screen! 🙂

  2. bob cat on

    this is worse linus tech tips , im trying  to follow what he his saying and hes jumping all over the bios while talking about different things , im clueless and i all most fried my motherboard all ready and im not to eager to all most break something else 

  3. TH3REDSP1R1T on

    Hey Linus or anybody very good with PCS. I have Kingston HyperX 4GB (2GB sticks) @ 1066 MHz and on CPU-Z im at 400 MHZ instead of 533 MHz,  my cas latency is 5 and voltage at 1.8.  Now if i just want up my ram speed to 1066 is it best for mobo to do voltage automatically or manually?  I found a similar pair on newegg that says latency 5  5-5-5-15 timing and 2.2 voltage.   Is it worth fixing my ram to its labeled clock speed and what are the best voltage, timing, latency to insure stability? Thanks!

  4. Zalkenth on

    Well my Memory is a Kingston 8GB DDR3 1633 (Fury one. All u said was usefull and it worked but when I launch the computer the memory is capped in 4GB, do you know how I change this?

  5. Sergio Amador on

    Anyone know how to change the memory frequency on a lenovo ideapad desktop? For some reason when I go to bios it doesn't give me the option to edit any of the important stuff like changing the memory frequency from 400 to 1600 mhz I tried 2 different ddr3 ram sticks and none work but they do show it needs 1600 mhz to run.

  6. Keyofterror on

    i wish my bios setup looked like that. nowhere near that. it offers no options to set up memory in such a way. which leaves me limited on configurations for ram. quite depressing. but its also a low end motherboard

  7. christopher abellana on

    hello, i need your help. im Christopher from Philippines, im recently having troubled with my PC im wanted to upgrade my RAM from 2G ddr2 800mhz single channel which im using and running now with my PC to 8G DDR3 1333mhz. however when im going to insert my ddr3 ram when i turned on my computer it has no display and has continuous short beeping sound.
    my PC specs –
    Gigabyte G41m combo mother board – with 4 ram slot 2 for ddr2 and 2 for dd3
    intel core 2 dou 2.8Ghz
    Window 7 32 bit
    PSU 700watts
    350G Sata hardisk
    i tried to check its proper placement and i tried all possible cleaning with my Ram slot stil when im going to insert the DDR3 ram. i only get continuous short beeping sound with now post boot and no display. i cannot even proceed to boot up.

    actually i have no idea how to setup the mother board bios.
    i need some help.
    by the way i bought 2pcs 4G ddr3 Ram 1333mhz kingston because the motherboard max ram is up to 8G only based on the motherboard Gigabyte G41m combo specification manual

  8. JMazterV112 on

    I have a msi motherboard and it doesn't have this bios, obviously but would I be able to replace a bios? because every time I try to change some settings within they are never there!

  9. xbeanx3000 on

    On occasions within Windows I get screen freezes with artifacts and someone suggested it might be because of the default memory settings used in the BIOS, but doesn't that go against the idea they're 'safe' settings?

  10. ItsBugsBunny on

    I was havin 2 GB of ram i installed new more of 2 Gb but my pc detecting only 2 GB of ram my slots are well and my ram are well too and i installed them correctly. please help me


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