Kanye West – The Story & the Songs


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  1. Adam Mah on

    1. MBDTF
    2. Yeezus
    3. Graduation
    4. The College Dropout
    5. Late Registration
    6. 808s And Heartbreak
    7. Kids See Ghosts
    8. Watch The Throne
    9. Ye
    10. The Life Of Pablo

    Reply your ranking!!

  2. MTWENTY on

    You can hate the man, but deep down you know he makes good music. You can be the most pretentious music lover and still respect this mans ear and love for all music genres

  3. Malcolm Enell on

    Greatest artist of the 21 century for sure.

    My top 10:

    1:Runaway (Alltime favourite song)
    2:I Feel Like That
    3:Welcome To Heartbreak
    4:Hey Mama
    5:Bound 2
    6:New Godflow
    7:We Don’t Care
    8:New Slaves
    10:Dark Fantasy

  4. big kahuna burger on

    10. Through the wire
    9. Can't tell me nothing
    8. Heartless
    7. Flashing Lights
    6. All falls down
    5. Diamonds from Sierra Leone
    4. Gold digger
    3. Stronger
    2. Runaway
    Honorable mentions
    Good life
    All of the lights
    Black Skinhead
    1. Jesus walks

  5. Chess TownKing on

    I wanted So help me god…Graduation was my favorite mostly for Nostalgia, College dropout, got a bootleg copy from my friend Jay (R.I.P) , but Mbtf is his best…it’s so good still sounds fresh almost 8 years later! Least fav album, 808s it was ok but not even a 9 outta 10. Eminem is my 2nd fav rapper but tbh it’s like Magic vs Kareem jabbar on showtime lol. One I like quite a bit more

  6. Travis Hart on

    Favorite lyrics:
    Good morning and, look at the valedictorian,
    Scared of the future while I hop in the Delorean,
    Scared to face to world, complacent career student,
    Some people graduate but be still stupid,
    They tell ya, ‘Read this, eat this, don’t look around,
    Just peep this, preach us, teach us, Jesus’
    Okay, look up now, they done stole your streetness,
    After all of that you receive this,
    Good morning

  7. Leon Sturdivant on

    Let's get this straight guys Kanye didn't Hurt Taylor Swift's career in any way he might have made it better. Also i personally think Taylor is overrated lets not forget her cover of September by what just might be the greatest performers of all time which she predictably made terrible. All of that aside though Kanye is a music icon along the lines of Nas and Jay and should be treated as such.


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