JUST LIKE MY JAPANESE ANIMES | Metal Gear Solid – Part 2


100 comments on “JUST LIKE MY JAPANESE ANIMES | Metal Gear Solid – Part 2

  1. DauntingMelody on

    My aunt was in my room doing the laundry when Jack shouted, "DO IT, P*SSY!" at Meryl. lol She just looked over at the laptop and then at me. I shrugged and replied, "Don't mind him. He's Irish."

  2. Henrik Foersom on

    STRAIGHT AFTER CLICKING THE THUMBNAIL WITH THAT straight FUCKING WATER! YES OH GOD — sorry i SHOULD say, OH JACK YES THANKYOU MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED OHHHH YEEEEEESSSSS THANK JACK not god. Jack. Thank. JACK btw Jack if you see this again was it you who raised my comment? Or like higlighted it or something? (I dunno what it’s called in english my youtube’s kinda DANISH so you know) if this get’s a reply FROM Jack HIMSELF i don’t know WHAT i’ll do


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