John Legend, Meek Mill and More React to ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ Documentary


‘Surviving R.Kelly’ Docuseries (00:04) ►
John Legend reacts (00:39) ►
Tank reacts (01:42) ►
Meek Mill reacts (02:20) ►
Chance the Rapper sound bite (02:41) ►

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John Legend, Meek Mill and More React to ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ Documentary


100 comments on “John Legend, Meek Mill and More React to ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ Documentary

  1. That Dan and Logan Channel on

    The celebrities kind of suck I’m not in the business just like you guys and we all heard the rumors about him they don’t come out and speak until it becomes popular for them to come out and speak the whole industry is disgusting everyone who is around him was definitely into young girls also

  2. Nicole Blanco on

    It’s sad because the black community of his city supports R, down to the police😟. I mean look at him, he dresses like 20 year old man, that’s how he gets these young women. To many people are enabling this behavior and all should be prosecuted, especially the parents.

  3. Len F. on

    What house is he in? What city does he reside in with this still going on? Last we knew, he was evicted from the Georgia home and was living in a Homewood Suites or some hotel. If he’s in Chicago, and Chicago is viewed as one of the most dangerous places in the country, how is this is still going on? And where is the police response to “officers assisting” him in the manner in which they’ve been accused? I mean, I need everybody to take their part in this debacle. I have a lot of questions for both sides, but, oh well! There will always be ppl of either side or some that don’t care.

  4. Joseph Zephyr on

    Wow the world is so hypocritical.. Lol.
    Why aren't we outraged by the Porn industry which is built on the gross violations of human rights!.. Smh.. Why wasn't Hugh Hefner viewed from this same perspective??.. But Y all ready to jump on a successful black man. Aint supporting R.Kelly. If any of the women involved were under legal age at the time he should be trialed.. But we cant have one standard for White ppl and another for Blacks.

  5. Kyle Lindsay on

    Those women are their by choice just leave the nigga alone the problem y'all have with him is he doesn't live a lifestyle that is normal to y'all notice how nun of the women he been wit complain its always EVERYONE else cause they don't see it as NORMAL Aaliyah liked older men and remember we live in a country that gives out romeo and juliet law end of the story on that, the girl he pissed on got payed that's called prostitution, the girls in the sex cult are THERE BY CHOICE how about everyone mind they damn business and let that man live his freak ass lifestyle just cause it ain't normal to us means that we can't let them live they not complaining so why can't everyone else stfu shit is annoying

  6. BlindMellowJelly on

    Ya'll young folks dont know but this has been going on since the 1920s. Charlie Chaplin, Fatty Arbuckle, Chuck Berry and Little Richard used to freak 12 and 14 yo girls and perhaps a boy or two. I just do not like the sudden outrage as if anyone is really shocked.


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